Hispanic amateur illustrator.

Her drawings are focused directly on non-pornographic eroticism and the clichés of the GTS community.


  • She wants to remain anonymous, so she protects the country where she comes from and her date of birth.
  • Little sociable, she talks very little and does not usually respond to comments. She hardly interacts outside her account in deviantART.
  • Nullly innovative: her drawings always deal with the most over-exploited cliches (vore, buttcrush, podophilia, etc.). For example, note that the following pictures try to vore in practically the same pose:

Artistic style

  • Manga/animé style: Her drawings have the great majority of this style.
  • Color: At the beginning they were simple, but with the passage of time she is making them more and more detailed.
  • Imperfect anatomy: The mistakes are remarkable, for example, the shoulders are misplaced and the skulls move away from the manga/animé style standards.
  • Simple scenarios: She does not add enough details, in some cases it is a white background and in others it looks like a room with walls of uniform color.