"The girls in love would die for the one they love, of course"
―Koharuno Silk[Source]

Main protagonist of the animated series Ultimate Girls. She represents the average girl between the voluptuous adult and the lolita. She is a mixed race between the white nordid and mongoloid races (or at least that's what she stands for).

General information

She is a high school student in Tokyo, where every monday a giant monster attacks the city and the latter is defeated by UFO-Man.

One day she is crushed by UFO-Man, so he revives her in exchange for being, along with his friends, the new heroines. Thus, she was transformed into a giant superheroine in white suit, which was initially called as UFO-Man P, and then changed to Ultimate Girl Titties.

She is always shy (even when she fights), having difficulty expressing her feelings to Makoto (of whom she is in love).

Physical characteristics

As human

  • Hair: brown.
  • Eyes: coffe.
  • Skin: white.
  • Breasts: small but not flat (this attribute will be worth the nickname "Titties").

As Ultimate Girl

  • Hair: white.
  • Eyes: Gray with violet tone.
  • Skin: white.
  • Clothing: white with yellow lines and some blue parts.

Psychological characteristics

  • Shy: she has a hard time talking to Makoto and expressing his feelings.
  • Very sentimental: her feelings, as of shame or envy, are taken almost to the extreme. This is an advantage because it easily maximizes M.O.E.
  • Cowardice: He fears to approach the monsters and fight hand to hand with these monsters.


During her transformation, one can appreciate how she feels shame (and some melancholy) in transforming herself (because she knows that at some point she would be naked):



Image Name of opponent Result Episode
UG 01 (17)
Gullmark Victory! 01
UG 03 (101)
Shupo Victory! 03
UG 06 (14)
Hachiro Perfect victory! 06
UG 07 (27)
Mahler Victory! 07
UG 10 (17)
Mushuseki Victory! 10
UG 12 (58)
Ultimate Boy Victory! 12


  • He never lost a battle, even though in some he has performed inefficiently.
  • She is UFO-Man's favorite.
  • She's also m.o.e.'s favorite (the company that created her), since they made she participate in more battles and in all she has triumphed.
  • Her nickname, as a heroine, was initially UFO-Man P, but was later changed as Ultimate Girl Titties. The meaning of UFO-Man P is as follows:

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