Koreno Panzer is an amateur Mexican illustrator, although it hurts to pretend to be Argentine. It has a great variety of fetishisms, among them podophilia.

Despite being a beginner, he is not well known in the GTS community.

He is an administrator of this wiki.

Artistic style

  • Tools: He uses a typist for traditional art. For digital, he claims to have no special tools, not even using a mouse, in turn, uses the touchpad of his laptop.
  • Anime style: His experience in drawing has as its main source of inspiration the style of Hank88, which in turn is inspired by Gofu Web.
    • Eyes: They are inspired by the animé Non Non Biyori.


  • He exaggerates his speculations: He thinks that if one has an account in deviantART and uploads art, then this user practices constantly to improve his artistic skills, so he believes that if one has not improved noticeably over a period of time (a year usually), then he has no love for art. And has not he started to think that perhaps in his personal life his free time is scarce and the drawings he creates for mere entertainment?
  • Art critic: He likes to give opinions about the works of several artists and also to offer artistic support giving criticism to some artists, action that has taken him to be blocked by artists like ArthurT and Jesusclon.
  • Demanding: If he sees an idea that has been used before, he probably will not do a related work. He also believes that his art is very mediocre and needs to improve too.


Ariana Fiore


Fem Arg. (up right) and Alice (down)


White nordid race: The Ariana's race.

So far, his only revealed OC, a girl of Argentine nationality who is very spiteful and envious. She has the name Ariana as a play on words with the Spanish word "aria" ("aryan"), as they are called the Argentines, although of course, she is white nordid.

In its old design, it was created in inspiration to Fem Arg. Of Hetalia, because in creating this personage, Francisco thought to do it in a comic about girls of different nationalities parodying the xenophobia in Internet (project canceled by the existence of a similar idea), but now the new design he owns and having changed the personality and destiny of his character, is now a combination of Fem Arg. with Alice in Wonderland's Alice.

Comic: Ariana's revenge

It is a project that is still under development. In its official description, it is summarized as follows:

A girl takes revenge against those who insult her online by her nationality and destroys their cities becoming a giantess.

Yes, the story in part be original, because the issue of xenophobia in Latin America has not been touched in the GTS community, so I hope to continue this comic, and incidentally serves to improve more my drawing techniques, and in turn I encourage revive the other stories that I thought.

Administrator of this wiki

Due to his experience in the GTS community, his experience with and full confidence with PaladinDeGigantas (owner of this wiki), won the position of administrator of this wiki.