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Shaman King's character. She is the companion spirit of Horo Horo.

General information

What is a koropokkuru?

Koropokkuru means "small people under the leaves of the petasites" in the Ainu language. These beings are spirits that appear automatically in places where there are large areas of flora (petasites usually), so their origin is not of dead bodies (like the spirits of humans or animals), so there is no possibility of "make them rest in peace".

However, these beings can disappear if their habitat (large green areas) is destroyed. As the human population increases, the plants are destroyed (indiscrimed felling), hence, the koropokkuru gradually become extinct.

That is why Horo Horo wants to be the Shaman King to have his own field of plants and thus to protect the existence of the koropokkuru.

The case of Kororo

Kororo, in the past, was a human who lived in harmony with the koropokkuru. But as she also saw that these could be extinguished due to the destruction of the green areas, she decided to become koropokkuru to protect others koropokkuru.

Many years later, it became the companion spirit of Horo Horo, which has the same objective: save the koropokkuru.

Throughout the series, Kororo shows skills related to the cold (ice and snow).

Giantess form

In the anime, from episode 40, Horo Horo and his friends read the Magic Log (a manual written by Hao, 1000 years ago). After that, she acquires the knowledge necessary to turn Kororo into a giantess.

Her appearance changes abysmally, since it ceases to have her human appearance in Ainu dress and becomes something like a mecha:

  • Color usually light blue.
  • It has a helmet with drawn eyes and 8 pointed horns.
  • Pointed wings.
  • Her fingers disappear, as if she had a sock as a glove.
  • Her face is usually devoid of expression.
    • Especially her eyes, which has an "intriguing" look.


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Episode 40

  • Short summary: Transformation into giantess for the first time, after reading the Magic Log.

Episode 42

  • Short summary: It's the first time she fights with her giantess form, and it's also her first fight against the X Laws.

Episode 48

  • Short summary: Official fight against a group of Catholics.

Episode 52

  • Short summary: An unofficial training fight against Yoh's team, is made the first time the merger of giants.

Episode 53

  • Short summary: Training with Len Tao.

Episode 55

  • Short summary: Unofficial fight would be (to death) against the complete team of the X-Laws and the band of Hao

Episode 59

  • Short summary: She fights against Hao's allies, who do not allow her to approach Yoh.

Episode 61

  • Short summary: Fight against the guardians of the Great Spirits.

Episode 62

  • Short summary: Hao devours Yoh's soul, so everyone decides to attack him. The final battle begins.

Episode 63

  • Short summary: The final battle continues against Hao.


  • Most of the attack names are partly in the Ainu language.
  • In the manga it is revealed that her original name was Damuko (as human) but in the animé does not know this, not even if Horo-Horo met Damuko at some point, so it is just another Koropokkuru.

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