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Kannagi's epic story was a work he did in cooperation with Butre. This work, which is recent, shows the marked artistic style in which his drawings have converged.

Mexican amateur illustrator.

Although he is not a professional artist, his attitude of self-improvement has made him get away artistically. Since its beginnings in deviantART, his works have been improving in quality thanks to practices and receiving support from several people, including critics of Farivas (art critic at that time).


Jesusclon (2)

If Hector had more free time, he would demonstrate his more sociable side. This drawing was dedicated to Jesusclon.

  • Self-improvement: Is willing to accept the criticisms (regardless of whether they are constructive or destructive) and use them to see what is failing and fixing it, that is how he constantly improves.
  • Dunning-Kruger: However, from what has been said above, he stagnates if he receives no criticism (it is as if these were his food), that is, by himself can not see his own defects and errors.
  • Sociable (when he can): Due to the little free time he has, he can not respond to all comments. It is not because he is sullen.

Artistic style

Mostly based on animé style, but also imitates several styles. At the moment his drawings have converged in a proper style, we see its characteristics punctually:

  • Line-art: His drawings publish them in high resolution, so the outlined ones, compared to the large size of the illustration, are relatively thin. Sometimes its lines are totally black, and in other cases, colored.
  • Color: Although their colors are not over saturated, they have a greyish touch (for example: notice that the skin makes them a very pale pink with tendencies to gray). But in general, his palette is well used and varied.
  • Shadows and shading: He uses shades of gray over not so gray colors.
  • Details: Usually it is a little detail, although sometimes uses textures in what are the socks and pantyhose.
  • Scenarios: Usually have perspective errors. He is also a retailer in this respect.


NOTE: Some images in this gallery have been censored because they did not respect the rules of Wikia. Therefore, if you want to see these illustrations as they were originally made, go to the deviantART account of his respective creator.