Macrofilia is paraphilia/fetishism what incites the person to become excited with giants (whether of the opposite sex, the same or both). It is a sexual fantasy of which sexist elements are not necessary, it is enough to interact with a giant. It is the opposite of microphilia, which is a sexual fantasy towards dwarf/small people.

In the MACRO community, they identify themselves, illustrations, videos and games as macros.

MacrophiliaGiantess fetishism

Due to the growing movement of feminist ideas (where supposed the male is to be worth as much as the female), users from various parts have considered that it is sexist to say that machophilia is synonymous with giantess fetishism.

Why? Because when a person is macrophile, then that person likes giant people.

If a straight man or a lesbian is a macrophile, then (s)he will love giant women (giantesses). Thus, in this case, macrophilia is synonymous with giantess fetishism.

However, if a heterosexual woman or a homosexual man is a macrophile, then (s)he will love giant men. In this case, macrophilia isn't synonymous with giantess fetishism.

What is exposed here is the argument that feminists use to say that "MacrophiliaGiantess fetishism". We see this laudable argument, so throughout this wiki will avoid using the word macrophilia as synonymous with giantess fetishism.

The same goes for microphilia.

Macrophilia in homosexual people

Macrophilia also encompasses homosexual persons. The fetish of giant people can also affect these people, in fact, there are people and artists on social networks who are homosexual and are attracted to the giants.

Macrophilia is not exclusive in heterosexual people, it is a term that could define homosexual persons.

Macrophilia according Farivas

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MACROphilia according Farivas.

The artist / writer Farivas has given to understand that the term MACROphilia encompasses other fetishes and is not an exclusive term for people who have sexual orientation towards the giants.

According to this paraphilia, the following fetishes are found:

Farivas proposed to change the name to which they identify the fetishists of giants like Gigaphiles, because the word Giga means Big, the problem with this proposal is that the term Macrophilia has become a custom on the part of the members of the Community of this fetish.