This wiki is about a matter that some people could consider a taboo & some consider it offensive, if the subject of giants or miniatures disturbs you, we recommend that you leave. Even so, we struggle to publicize the content (images, text, videos) as modestly as possible, respecting the rules of the Wikia.

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Giantess Wiki is a neutral and independent encyclopedia that specializes in giantesses (women of big size), and they have fans that enjoy the mere idea for artistic reasons, others for scientific reasons y others for sexual reasons (fetishism). We refer to this group of people that adores giantesses conveniently as GTS community. We got 568 articles and 15,752 images; and remember: you too can edit!!!.

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Introduction to giantess fanaticism
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History of giantess fandom
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Basic tutorials, concepts and artistic resources
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GTS Tropes
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Fictitious giantesses (fictional characters)
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"Real" giantesses (tall women)
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Exclusive mods for videogames
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Architectural works and sculptures
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Did you know that...

  • ..."giantess" (english) in other languages is written as "giganta" (spanish and portuguese), "gigantessa" (italian) "géante" (french), "Riesin" (german), and, "巨大娘" (japanese)?
  • ..."Wikyodai-chan" is the pet OC of this wiki?
  • ...the gif we use as background is made by Kenju (although modified from the original so that in its place is Wikyodai-chan)?
  • ..."Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" is the cult film for all giantess fans par excellence?
  • ..."Swamp Angel" (together with its sequel "Dust Devil") were the 1st exclusively GTS-themed book (1830s)?
  • ..."Saroka the Giantess" was the 2nd exclusively GTS-themed book (1965)?
  • ..."Demolition Girl" is the cult video game for all giantess fans par excellence?
  • ..."Ultimate Girls" is one of the few animes whose main theme are the giantesses?
  • ..."Morumo 1/10" is the only shoujo manga whose plot is the daily life of a 52 foot tall teenager?
  • ...the best-known meme related to giantesses outside the GTS community is "Death by Snu Snu!", whose origin is in Futurama - SE3-EP05?
  • the DC Comics multiverses there is a character that is named Giganta (her name is an obvious allusion as to what she is)?
  • the Marvel Comics multiverses there is a character that is named Stature, which she has the ability to change the size of her body?
  • chinese mythology, a divine giantess named Nü Wa created humanity?
  • ...Islam promises you have 72 giantess virgins of 27.5 meters tall if you are faithful to their religion?
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