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American amateur illustrator and writer.

He is a fan of the Japanese series Sailor Moon and is notably obsessed with the character Chibiusa (a character with pink hair). To a lesser extent also other anime series, such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon or Dragon Ball.

He is close friend of ArthurT, AlloyRabbit, Hank88, among others.


  • He is sociable, he responds frequently to comments.
  • He protects his friends: if something bad happens to them, he intervenes.
  • When there are problems, make a scandal through journals.

Artistic style

He only makes his drawings using a marker for his outlines and colored charcoals for the colored ones. That is, in the traditional way.

His style of drawing is a faithful imitation in the style of Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of Sailor Moon.

The theme of his drawings is stereotypically predictable: A woman (most likely: underage, Sailor Moon character or the same Chibiusa) destroying a city (or a mock-up).

His accounts on deviantART

He has 3 accounts:


To himself he is depicted as a human with the wings and tail of The Winged Dragon of Ra (a card from the Egyptian god, legendary for the game Yu-Gi-Oh!).

Obsession with Chibiusa

It is already known that his drawings make them using the style of Sailor Moon, however, his greatest obsession is Chibiusa.


Maddie (formally named Madison) is the daughter of Ashley Park, she was born in 2004. Next, see the following photograph (has legal use):

Center your gaze on her dress: a dark blue dress with symbols referring to music, light-blue hearts and the same word "music".

This girl has been drawn several times by MasterOfRa, the great majority of these drawings being represented as a giantess. His latest drawings use his dark blue dress with references to music:

Although he has also drawn her with another garment:

Hailey: his first OC

She did not last long, hardly had 2 drawings (note that she looks like Maddie):

McKenzie: his second OC

In her official description, she is an American 11-year-old girl who goes to school, has brown hair and brown eyes.


He is seen to like lolis, since this type of themes abound in his drawings. However, there are also adults (but to a lesser extent).

Other drawings

He also draws using characters from other anime: