MasterOfRa's second OC.


  • Name: McKenzie Roberts
  • Nickname: Kinzie
  • Age: 11
  • Gender: Female
  • Height (normal size): 4ft 3in
  • Height (giantess): Varies
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • School: 5th grade, school unnamed at this time
  • Best subject: P.E. and art class
  • Worse subject: History and Math
  • Likes/hobbies: Building and designing models of cities and vehicles (which she later smashes), *Japanese anime, playing the recorder though still in training, swimming
  • Fears: Spiders, losing, and tight or crowded spaces
  • Family: Not developed at this point
  • Country of Origin: United States


Full of energy in almost every situation and continues on when others energy has been spent. Cheerful and competitive, she hates losing but doesn't usually hold a grudge. At her normal height, she's a punctual girl with a slight tomboyish attitude to her girly looks. Her enjoyment of anime has inspired her to purchase a Japanese style backpack, called a randoseru, that she carries her books in (and sometimes other stuff such as micros and vehicles when in giantess mode).

When not at school, she enjoys building cities in her home's basement, using them as "practice" rampages for her giant-sized shenanigans. Despite this, she's easy to get along and be friends with, even better if you have similar interests as she does.

As a giantess, McKenzie enjoys the traditional stomping and smashing of city stuff. Almost always starts by growing inside a structure. Since she doesn't like crowded areas, she either avoids areas of dense, tall buildings, or wrecks them swiftly to as not be bothered by them. Her preferred city locations are parking lots, neighborhoods, and smaller areas dotted with stores, unless she's grown big enough to not be concerned about more crowded areas, in which case she tramples over everything. She can tunnel-vision on a direction though, causing her to sometimes miss other areas of a city.

Trivia / Special Notes

During lunch, McKenzie always draws windows and doors on her empty milk carton then stomps on it as if it were a house. If asked why she does so, she'll blow you off, simply saying "It takes up less room in the garbage can" before walking away from you.

As a giantess, McKenzie has mixed responses to people/micros that may be running around a city near her. If she sees them, she tends to mess around a lot, chasing and stomping near micros when she could obviously catch them or scaring people but not actually hurting/killing anyone. If she doesn't see the people, it's a case of "wrong place, wrong time" if they don't get out of the way as they usually end up underfoot without being noticed or being inside vehicles/buildings she steps on without Mckenzie even noticing.

Additional comment

Ok, here is my OC that some of you knew was coming. It took almost a month to develop her and she is still in progress but I got enough done to get some pictures and a bio of her for you all. I still have another dress to make for her so that'll be coming along soon I hope. And no, she's not replacing Hailey but I was prodded to make an OC separate from any forms of media like anime.

As for why she's been created now, it's been a long process of people saying I should do this. Sure it's fun drawing characters like Chibiusa, Maddie and others but none of them identify me. So I took things I enjoy; like twintails, skirts, and cheerfulness, and put them together to create McKenzie here. Toughest part was hair and clothes, and making her not a carbon copy of OCs I like already, like Rem.

So please, do ask questions about her. I can use them to further develop her character. But for now, I hope you all like her. Now to those who said you'd draw my OC should I ever make one, there you go!