UG 05 z MZ

Mazinger Z was one of the most influential works on giant robots (mechas) in the manga/animé world.

In the context of science fiction, it's a giant robot (often of humanoid aspect).

This may be to have a human pilot (or remote controlled by one), or simply have their own artificial intelligence.

Usually, this theme is given in the works of the manga/animé, especially in the 80's and 90's.

Female mechas

Due to the humanoid aspect, mechas may also have a feminine appearance. Here are some examples:

Interesting cases

Controversy: female mechas implies GTS theme?

The problem is that, despite having a feminine aspect, the metal composition and its robotic aspect take away some of its "human essence" (whatever that means), so some members of the GTS community don't consider female mechas as GTS theme.


Do you consider that female mechas are part of the GTS theme?

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