"To tell you the truth, I always wanted to be a giantess hero!"
―Moroboshi Tsubomi[Source]

Co-protagonist of the series anime Ultimate Girls. She represents the Lolita (adolescent and infantile mentality aspect). She is mongoloid race.

General information

She is a high school student in Tokyo, where every monday a giant monster attacks the city and the latter is defeated by UFO-Man.

One day she is crushed by UFO-Man, so he revives her in exchange for being, along with his friends, the new heroines. Thus, she was transformed into a giant superheroine in blue suit, named Ultimate Girl Lolita.

She is outgoing and devoid of embarrassment, so she would not mind if everyone knew she was an Ultimate Girl. She is Makoto's younger sister. She is otaku and likes to do cosplay.

As heroine she is weak and shameless (which prevents her from using M.O.E.), but often solves problems using some strategy (trick).

Physical Characteristics

As human

  • Hair: Black.
  • Eyes: Greenish blue
  • Skin: White.
  • Breasts: A (this attribute will be worth the nickname of "Lolita").

As Ultimate Girl

  • Hair: Turquoise black.
  • Eyes: Blue.
  • Skin: White.
  • Clothing: Blue with yellow lines and some turquoise areas.
  • Little force: She is the weakest of the trio.

Psychological Characteristics

  • Courage: If something must be done, she do it. If there is anything to say, she say it. But not measure the consequences of their actions.
  • Devoid of shame: No cares if left bare publicly. Consequently, she could never use the M.O.E.
  • Narcissism: She likes that everyone looks her cosplay. And when she transforms, waste time posing for pictures (still believes that is cosplay).
  • Stubborn: When she fights, it does not make any previous strategy.
  • Ecstasy continuous: She almost always looks happy.

During processing, can see her satisfaction by become heroin:



Image Name of oponent Result Episode
UG 02 (54)
Shupo Lose 02
UG 04 (20)
Ochuushya Victory! 04
UG 08 (32)
Dainioh Undetermined 08
UG 11 (39)
Ultimate Boy Lose 11


Ultrsvn Dn

Dan Moroboshi.

  • Her nickname, like heroin, is Ultimate Girls Lolita .
  • She is the only in the trio that never used the M.O.E. because she lacks of shame.
  • Probably the worst heroin because she is the most defeated, also when she happen to be giantess, waste time instead of fighting. In addition, she is weak and cannot use the M.O.E.
  • She is a direct reference of Dan Morobohi.

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