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Shaman King's character. She is the companion spirit of Lyserg Diethel.

General information

Morphine is a fairy who has been in service for generations of the Diethel family, which is a generation of detectives who uses dowsing to solve cases.

Morphine was given to Lyserg during her sixth birthday, but locked in a cage. To free her, Lyserg had to solve a case without using the dowsing. After finding it, find the key to the cage in the Big Ben tower.

Upon returning home with freed Morphine, he finds that Hao had murdered his parents by burning them. From that moment, Lyserg would dedicate its life to revenge of Hao.

Morphine can use a crystal pendulum to apply dowsing to attack (similar to a kunai with chain).

Giantess form

In the anime, as of episode 58, Lyserg sees how his comrades of the X Laws are killed by Hao. The Spirit of Fire is about to devour the souls of her comrades, so Lyserg reacts brutally, causing Morphine to release her full power (she becomes a giantess fairy).

However, as the 8 X Laws' archangels are present, they then merge with Morphine into a mecha-like archangel:

  • Color usually white.
  • "Rectangular" armor, with the typical patterns of the mechas of the 80s.
  • Her hands are gold pliers with 3 points.
  • Her wings have "propellers" (this increases her mecha characteristics).


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Episode 58

  • Short summary: After the death of Lyserg's comrades, Morphin reacts by becoming larger and merging with the 8 archangels of the X Laws.

Episode 60

  • Short summary: Lyserg takes part in the fight of the allies of Hao to give time to his old friends and thus to be able to resurrect to Len Tao.

Episode 61

  • Short summary: Fight against the guardians of the Great Spirits.

Episode 62

  • Short summary: Hao devours Yoh's soul, so everyone decides to attack him. The final battle begins.

Episode 63

  • Short summary: The final battle continues against Hao.

Episode 64

  • Short summary: Happy end of this anime. Lyserg returns to his daily student routine.


  • Morphine has no favorite food, loves sweet things in general.
  • The name "Morphine" was deliberately altered in the adaptations to the English (changed to Chloe) of the series to avoid the obvious reference to the drug.
    • Both the name of Morphine and that of his shaman, Lyserg, refer to drugs, in particular, morphine and lysergic acid (LSD).

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