Morumo 1/10 is a manga about the daily and loving life of a 52ft by Hiroshi Aro.


A strange flying spherical object impacts the island of Japan, inside the sphere is a girl with a human appearance, whom was adopted by a suburban family. With the progression of time, this girl grew abnormally until she reached a height 10 times what was considered average.

The girl is named Morumo, who must learn to socialize in a society around her, live like she was of regular height.

Periodically, she can become normal in part by a mad scientist's substance that shrinks her to a 10th. Regardless, her mass is preserved, which means her density is multiplied by a thousandfold.



  • The beginning of the story of Morumo closely resembles that of Dragon Ball (but it must also be remembered that Dragon Ball was inspired by Superman).
  • It was probably the first Japanese work whose main theme is that of the gigantas.