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"Today's my debutt! Pleased to meet you all! You can call me Mount Lady!"
―Mount Lady (first episode of anime)

Secondary character of My Hero Academy. Her real name is Yuu Takeyama (岳山優).

Although her participation was very scarce within her work of origin (My Hero Academy), her popularity within the GTS community is very high.

My Hero Academia: Her work of origin

General info

MHA logo

My Hero Academia's logo.

A.k.a Boku no Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア), is a manga written by Kōhei Horikoshi, based on a one-shot made by the same author and published in the fifth volume of manga Ōmagadoki Dōbutsuen under the name Boku no Hero. On January 11, 2015 was launched a VOMIC based on the manga. On November 2, 2015 began a manga spin-off called Boku no Hero Academy Smash! And written by Hirofumi Neda. An adaptation of the original manga to anime began airing on April 3, 2016.


80% of the world's population has developed superpowers. As a result, so many superheroes have emerged as supervillains. Izuku Midoriya is part of that 20% without any supernatural power. However, his greatest desire is to be able to study in the U.A. and become a hero as his idol All Might.

The low participation of Mount Lady

At least during the first season of the anime, only participated in 3 episodes that, totally, barely reached the 2 minutes of participation.

Character's general info


She has long voluminous blonde hair with two curled strands, and violet colored eyes with white pupils.

Her hero costume is composed of a purple and cream colored skintight bodysuit, that is accented with orange stripes. The bodysuit also has three peculiar orange diamond shaped dots on the purple top that are located under her chest. She also wears a purple domino mask with horn-like protrusions on the sides.


Mount Lady is a young woman who seems to enjoy the attention that being a hero that gives her and she doesn't feel any remorse from having to take that fame from another hero while basking in the glory. However, she is not careless, as shown that she won't transform into her giant form in confined spaces in fear of destroying nearby buildings and she's careful when fighting a villain who has taken hostages. She is also shown to be vain as she uses her sex appeal to further her popularity. Even though she is vain, she has shown to be selfless as she stopped Mr. Compress from reaching Izuku's group even though she was heavily injured.

About her size

Mount Lady comparación

Size difference.

  • Normal: 1,62 meters
  • Giantess: 20,62 meters
  • Geometric growth rate: 12,73

Powers and abilities

  • Gigantification (巨大化 Kyodaika): Mount Lady's Quirk allows her to grow to a gigantic size. However, she can't adjust between her base-height and the height created via her Quirk, making her only able to be either 162 cm or 2062 cm tall.
  • Canyon Cannon (キャニオンカノン Kyanion Kanon): While in her giantess form, Mount Lady performs a flying kick.
  • Titan Cliff: Mount Lady grows into her giantess form and headbutts the enemy. Mount Lady used this move to intercept Mr. Compress.

Impact on the GTS community

For non-fetishists

She passed without pain or glory, as a heroic giantess of the pile, because as a fictitious character did not attract attention.

For fetishists

Mount Lady - SE1-EP01 (23)

Calling attention with her butt.

Mount Lady - SE1-EP02 (13)

A "good POV" that highlights the foot.

Although as a character was not the great thing and that her participation was very little, she is well appreciated by the giantess fetishists for the following reasons:

  • Sexualization: From the first anime episode, she made her "debutt" as a giantess sexually by highlighting her bottom.
  • Fanservice: In the second episode of the anime, she showed that as a giantess could not enter an alley (a disadvantage of her size), showing her with a "good POV" from the inside of the alley and highlighting her foot (something that likes the podophiles) .
  • Great speculation (hype): Because she participated as a giantess in the first two episodes of anime, fallaciously and irrationally it was thought that she would continue to participate in the other episodes, which raised expectations. In the end it was not like that, she did not reappear until episode 9, but with normal size.

Some believe that for these reasons she is overrated.

Do you consider that she is overrated?

The poll was created at 05:04 on August 1, 2017, and so far 5 people voted.

Gallery (Season 1)

Episode 01

  • Short summary: She attacks with a flying kick ("Canyon Cannon") a villain (also giant) who blocks the tracks of a train and whose crime was to steal a bag.

Episode 02

  • Short summary: She tries to intervene in an attack of a semiliquid monster (as if it were made of mucus), but she can not because her large size does not allow her to access the alley where the crime happens, besides she is useless with its normal size.

Episode 09

  • Short summary: She along with other heroes have difficulties against a villain who has three children hostage, until All Might intervenes and beats the villain quickly. She does not take her giantess form here.

Gallery (Season 2)

Episode 2

  • Short summary: Mount Lady seduces her way into getting free lunch.

Episode 3

  • Short Summary: Mount Lady gets pictures taken of her while many others cheer for Midoriya's win.

Episode 4

  • Short summary: Mount Lady, Deathgoro, and Kamui Woods discuss about the Sports Festival.

Episode 8, 9

  • Short summary: Mount Lady watches the Tournament from outside.

Episode 14

  • Short summary: Mount Lady rests on the couch while Mineta does her chores as part of his internship.


  • Her real name, Yuu Takeyama, has the kanji for "tall mountain or mountain peak" (岳), "mountain" (山) and "superiority" (優).
  • Possibly she is inspired by Western superheroes and supervillains like Stature, Giganta (DC) or Garganta.
    • But more probably with Stature, because she has more similarities.


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