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Nyro1 (12)


He is an American illustrator with a children's style (similar to diego-toon-master).

Judging by the way he draws, repeats ideas constantly and shapes his ideas, he may suffer from some mental problem, in particular, most likely some kind of autism.


  • Repetitive: If an idea likes repeating without tiring.

Artistic style

  • Western caricature type: It seems that the style he uses is his own.
    • Circular eyes (women have 2 huge eyelashes).
    • Spherical head.
    • Very curved human bodies, in such a way that they resemble being made of some flexible plastic material.
  • Color: Simple, and lacking shadows and shading.
  • Scenarios: Almost does not draw them, and if he does, he does them in a very simple way.


We have said that this guy repeats ideas. In fact, he repeats to the same pose (similar to what ArthurT does). Here are some examples:

Front view

The upper half of a woman's body is drawn by interacting with some smaller man:

Profile view

In this case, it can be appreciated that he draws to the women big breasts, but in an unrealistic way (seem spheres):


He draws them seated, interacting in some way with a smaller man: