"I have to liquidate this before I get naked!"
―Ohtori Vivienne[Source]

Co-star of the anime series Ultimate Girls. She represents the voluptuous adult (both physically and psychologically). She is a white nordid.

General information

She is a high school student in Tokyo, where every monday a giant monster attacks the city and the latter is defeated by UFO-Man.

One day she is crushed by UFO-Man, so he revives her in exchange for being, along with his friends, the new heroines. Thus, she was transformed into a giant superheroine in red suit, named Ultimate Girl Busty.

She, despite not being a racially Japanese, is proud of being from that country. In fact, one of her ideas is that a "true Japanese woman" is never publicly naked.

She is brave and fierce, does things efficiently and without presuming to be a hero. She can tolerate the psychological torture of being naked (thus dishonoring her Japanese honor) in order to continue fighting against her enemies using the power of M.O.E (obtained by shame).

She is a lesbian and is in love with Koharuno Silk.

Physical characteristics

As human

  • Hair: blond.
  • Eyes: green.
  • Skin: very white.
  • Breasts: large (this attribute will be worth the nickname of "Busty")

As Ultimate Girl

  • Hair: red.
  • Eyes: red.
  • Skin: very white.
  • Clothing: red with yellow lines and some pink areas.
  • A lot of strength: is the strongest of the trio.

Psychological characteristics

  • Courage: If something she has to be done, she does. If there is something to say, say so.
  • Unemotional: Her feelings, as of shame or envy, are hidden. Despite this, she can use the M.O.E. similarly to Koharuno Silk.
  • Cold and calculator: Act with intelligence and strategy to solve problems and defeat their adversaries.
  • Honorific: She strictly follows the idea of "a true Japanese woman will never be naked in public".
  • Seriousness: Because she's heroine, she takes her role seriously. She does not waste time bragging about having powers and when she fights, she does it with efficiency and intelligence.


During its transformation, you can appreciate her seriousness and coldness:



Image Name of opponent Result Episode
UG 02 (88)
Shupo Undetermined 02 y 03
UG 05 (76)
Megami Mask Victory! 05
UG 09 (35)
Ashura Victory! 09
UG 11 (63)
Ultimate Boy Defeated 11 y 12


Gen Ohto

Gen Ohtori.

  • When she transforms, a Japanese folk music soundtrack is used.
  • Her nickname as a heroine is Ultimate Girl Busty.
  • She is probably the best heroine of the trio, as she is intelligent, strong and wants to end the affair as quickly as possible (before she gets naked).
  • She is not even racially Japanese, but she might be that they wanted to represent a mongolized white nordid (of Saami or Lapp ethnic group).
  • Her biggest fear seems to be being naked in public.
  • She is a direct reference of Gen Ohtori.

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