Dwarves are one the notable races in the One Piece world. They're so small that in comparison to an average sized human, their ratio in height is approximately the same as that between a normal-sized human and an average-sized giant. Though they appear mostly in the Dressarosa arc, they have made minor appearances in later arcs that also involve some para-giantess material.

Note: Since this is the giantess wiki, only para-giantess moments are allowed to mentioned.


Episode 640

  • Short summary: Nico Robin uses her Devil Fruit power to catch a "tiny person".

Episode 641

  • Short summary: Nico Robin asks Kabu if they robbed from the Marines. The other dwarves fired pollen at her and Usopp to put them to sleep. The dwarves take stuff from her bag while she's asleep. Robin wakes up and sees herself stitched on the ground in Tontanna Kingdom. After telling them her reasons of coming and that she won't lie, they set her free out of gullibility. As she started to leave, they attacked her for not giving up a weapon even if she didn't have one, but was stopped by Flapper by saying she is the legendary hero's (Usopp) partner.

Episode 643

  • Short summary: While Law fights with Doflamingo and Fujitora, the dwarves were scared of the tremors, with one on Robin's arm. Usopp lied about being Noland's descendant since Noland was a saver to the Tontattas and Robin mentioned how bad of a person Usopp is. The dwarves decide they should go to the Flower Field with the two to meet their commander of the Riku Army.

Episode 647

  • Short summary: Leo checks on Robin and Usopp. They notice tremors, which has Usopp keep his lies. The Tontattas mention they want to fight Doflamingo to save their tribe. Leo gets news from Flapper the Donquixote Family is on the move, so they decide to head out to battle under the Colisseum.

Episode 648

  • Short summary: Robin and Usopp leave Tontatta Land with a few dwarves on them to the Tontatta Airline Tal. The two ride on Linear Foxes. Gancho seeks up from Robin's boobs, as she later lets him out.

Episode 652

  • Short summary: Robin and Usopp arrive at the Headquarters with the dwarves, Franky, and Soldier to discuss how they will take back Dressarosa from Doflamingo.

Episode 655

  • Short summary: Robin, Usopp, and Franky hear from Sanji with Tontattas around.

Episode 658

  • Short summary: Gaucho tells the story of the Tontattas, and the history of Dressarosa from 900 years and 800 years ago with other dwarves surrounding her. Robin asks Thunder Soldier why people hate Rebecca, which he replied it was Riku Dold doing something “terrible”.

Episode 659

  • Short summary: Thunder Soldier tells the story of Doflamingo taking over Dressarosa.

Episode 660

  • Short summary: Thunder Soldier tells how toys are forgotten by people who used to remember them as their human selves.

Episode 663

  • Short summary: Thunder discusses his SOP (Sugar Oversurprise Panic) Operation to take out Sugar and return the toys back to humans. Everyone but Robin puts on their fighting spirit.

Episode 664

  • Short summary: The Tontattas decide go in an underground passage that’s barely big enough for humans to crawl through (Franky has to enter from the Toys’ House). Robin and Usopp are carried by the Tontattas through the air vent.

Episode 665

  • Short summary: Robin and Usopp are informed by Leo that Soldier left the group. Leo also asks Usopp to take out Sugar at the Commander Tower. Two guards notice Robin and Usopp, as Leo and Inhel stripped their weapons and clothes, and then knocked them down. They give Robin and Usopp the disguises.

Episode 666

  • Short summary: Robin and Usopp distract a guard as the Tontattas make their move.

Episode 667

  • Short summary: Viola meets Wicca after she revealed herself. Viola states she knows of the SOP Operation and thanks her for not betraying Riku.

Episode 668

  • Short summary: Wicca and Viola are surprised from Luffy breaking the door as the group later run through the entrance.

Episode 669

  • Short summary: Leo mentions structure of Commander Tower and the tubes that lead to a scrapyard. Robin, Usopp, and the dwarves enter the Commander Tower, Leo starts to enter Sugar’s room with a ball of Tatabababasco made to look like a grape, while also talking loudly of the dwarves’ plan.

Episode 670

  • Short summary: Robin, Usopp, and the Tontattas observe Trebol’s observance on a fly. Leo tries to sneak by as quick and swiftly as he could, but Robin stops him.

Episode 671

  • Short summary: Robin explains to Leo that Trebol could have killed him due to his aim accuracy. She plans to separate Trebol and Sugar. Robin as a guard tells Trebol of the commotion the dwarves purposely made and has him separated. Meanwhile, Leo successfully puts the tatabababasco in Sugar’s bowl, but she throws it away. The dwarves reveal themselves to her and some of themcharge at her, only for her to turn them into little black bear toys. They’re ordered to attack the intruders.

Episode 672

  • Short summary: Trebol destroys the tower while the dwarves and Sugar witness from the inside. Trebol has also captured them and while the two pirates have Leo reveal information. Trebol combusts his mucus into flames, causing Robin and Usopp to check on them.

Episode 673

  • Short summary: Robin picks up two dwarves, but they leave her hands to try to knock out Sugar. Sugar has the little black bears fight the other dwarves. Robin tries to hold Sugar down for Leo, but she turns her into a doll.

Episode 674

  • Short summary: Sugar and Trebol hear the Tontattas calling for “Usoland”’s help. Leo believes he’ll save all the toys and dwarves, but Trebol thinks he was deceiving them. Usopp came back to admit to the dwarves that he was lying, and tries to save them in his own name.

Episode 675

  • Short summary: After the attack, Sugar felt disappointed in him until he rejuvenates.

Episode 677

  • Short summary: Everyone who was a toy returns back to normal after Sugar fainted, causing Trebol to be in distress. Robin and the Tontattas surround Usopp as a sign of gratitude, while also caring for his health.

Episode 678

  • Short Summary: Trebol gets mad at the Straw Hats and Tontattas for knocking out Sugar.

Episode 679

  • Short summary: Robin meets with her pals from the Revolution Army, while the dwarves follow her, carrying around Usopp.

Episode 681

  • Short summary: Kin'emon meets up with Robin. Bartolomeo screams in awe for noticing Sogeking is Usopp. The dwarves are worried about Doflamingo placing Usopp with the highest bounty, so the dwarves carry him along while some others run along. While running to the surface, Rebecca breaks down when getting a call from Luffy.

Episode 682

  • Short summary: Robin, Rebecca, and the dwarves get word that Luffy’s with Riku and Viola.

Episode 683

  • Short summary: Robin’s group tries to run away from formers toys hunting them down. Hack and Bartolomeo help stop them. Robin makes a “spider net” from her Devil Fruit powers.

Episode 685

  • Short summary: Robin’s group climbs up the net and reach the top of the plaza.

Episode 686

  • Short summary: Rebecca sits near some Tontattas as they later inspect the Pica statue and the Royal Palace. The dwarves surround and climb on Viola and Rebecca after the older of the two found the key to Law’s handcuffs. Leo and Kabu decide to offer Rebecca help to get the key to Luffy.

Episode 687

  • Short summary: When Sabo talks about the Straw Hat Pirates, Robin’s group is shown.

Episode 688

  • Short summary: Robin tells Luffy they have Law’s handcuffs while Leo, holding on to her clothing, states he’ll escort Robin, Rebecca, and Bartolomeo, as the grouppromise to meet at the Sunflower Field. Kabu calls for beetles and gives the three rope. Leo pushes them off as the beetles slow down their fall and tells them to land on roofs to jump and receive more altitude.

Episode 689

  • Short summary: A couple of the former toys try to shoot Robin’s group.

Episode 692

  • Short summary: Pica spots Robin’s group and tries to merge with the large stone body to stop them. However, Zoro slices in half. Meanwhile, Kyuin surveillance the Tontattas’ rescue and try to stop them by telling them they’re meant to be slaves and sucking them up into a vacuum cleaner, but Franky starts to enter the factory.

Episode 693

  • Short summary: Kyuin has Franky notice her as she ask him what he dud with Senor Pink. She tries to suck in more Tontattas, but Franky stops her. After Franky grabs her, the dwarves think he fell in love with her. Franky flips Kyuin to attack Senor Pink from behind. Franky then kisses her after she was furious. Kyuin falls in love with Franky and Senor Pink along with some other girls watching the fight between the men. Meanwhile, Leo talks to Moussy while on Rebecca’s shoulders about Mansherry not being found in the factory.

Episode 694

  • Short summary: Rebecca spots Doflamingo’s commanders as the group tries to avoid them. Bartolomeo fantasizes about Luffy, having Rebecca worried about him. Viola reports to Leo that Mansherry is in the punishment room, where they were scolded for pulling pranks on Scarlett, Rebecca’s mother, with her sister, Viola. When they were hungry, Scarlett would come and give them food, as part of her generousity. After the group tries to reach the third level, Gladius’ Devil Fruit sent Bartolomeo and Robin toward Luffy’s location while Robin saves Rebecca having their fate.

Episode 695

  • Short summary: Kabu, Rebecca, and Leo arrive at the sunflower fields. Leo and Kabu leave Rebecca on her own, assured that she’ll be fine. Meanwhile the dwarves, Kyuin, and some other girls watch the fight with Franky and Senor Pink.

Episode 698

  • Shirt summary: The dwarves Kyuin, and some other girls still marvel at the fight between Franky and Senor Pink.

Episode 714

  • Short summary: While the dwarves in the factory contact Viola, Jora forces Mansherry to follow her command, but she states she cannot do the task anymore. Jora shows her the defeated executives of Doflamingo’s army and wants the dwarf to recover them. Mansherry notices Doflamingo’s group are bad people and does not want to help out anymore. Jora doesn’t take to kindly to her words while mishearing about her “beauty” and wanting to squeeze her healing powers out. While calling Leo for help, a tear falls on one of the Donquixote subordinates and got healed, causing Jora to realize how her powers work. Jora keeps on attacking Mansherry above her fellow crew mates, hoping to get tears out of her. While Leo enters the room, Jora manages to get successful tears out of the princess, but Kabu moves the officers away from contact. Leo sews all of Doflamingo’s subordinates in the room to be stuck together with Jora. She lets go of the princess as Leo catches her.

Episode 715

  • Short summary: Mansherry claims her leg is broken and wants to be carried by Leo, but he claims she could heal herself. Meanwhile, one of the girls note how far away Senor Pink is from Franky. As soon as the rivals got outside, the dwarves and girls follow them.

Episode 720

  • Short summary: Leo, Mansherry, and Kabu meet with Robin’s group in the Flower Field. Kyros states the country is in a bad situation and that Doflamingo’s defeat has to rely on Luffy and Law.

Episode 722

  • Short summary: Kyros notes that Doflamingo is up to a scheme.

Episode 724

  • Short summary: Leo and other dwarves suddenly notice something after Law attacked Trebol. Sometime afterwards, they notice the Royal Palace is burst into flames. They notice Luffy is with an injured Law as they see Robin go to catch him and Doflamingo trying to get him.

Episode 725

  • Short summary: The dwarves, Rebecca, and Kyros check on Law. Leo informs Robin the dwarves will stay to take care of Law.

Episode 730

  • Short summary: Leo explains to Robin about Mansherry’s dandexliers.

Episode 731

  • Short summary: Robin and Leo are trying to push Bartolomeo’s barrier. (Note: Leo is only seen as a dot)

Episode 732

  • Short summary: Leo notes the affects of the Dandexlirs are wearing off and that they won’t work twice.

Episode 733

  • Short summary: Leo grows worried about the birdcage, but Robin tells him to trust Luffy.

Episode 734

  • Short summary: Lei cries in Robin’s boobs, noting how amazing Luffy was to take out Doflamingo.

Episode 740

  • Short summary: Tsuru compliments how cute Mansherry appears to be. Mauji pokes at Sengoku for thinking he’s not respecting the princess. Mansherry states she wants to heal the citizens of Dressarosa, even without trying to be seen.

Episode 744

  • Short summary: 200 Tontattas along with members from the Colosseum decide to become Luffy’s subordinates in a father-child type of relationship with approximately 5400 others.

Episode 745

  • Short summary: Even though Luffy refuses the offer of becoming a grand captain, the others think it’s a good idea to have more power with a large group. Luffy states that when he needs help, he’ll call them out and vice versa. They later celebrate their victory against Doflamingo. Gancho also appears out of Robin’s boobs again after she’ll see the fleet again to Wicca.

Episode 746

  • Short summary: After the fleet partied, dwarves start to live together with humans of Dressrosa.

Episode 778

  • Short summary: With some dwarves worshiping Luffy in public, Rebecca (with Mansherry) hears about her being invited to the Reverie by Viola as they check out the gowns.

Episode 786

  • Short summary: A dwarf is seen with a mermaid and a female of the snakeneck tribe.

Episode 788

  • Short summary: A dwarf and a woman are seen in the surveillance room.

Episode 809

  • Short summary: One of Big Mom’s children shown is a dwarf.