Dwarves are one the notable races in the One Piece world are the dwarves. They're so small that in comparison to an average sized human, their ratio in height is approximately the same as that between a normal-sized human and an average-sized giant. Though they appear mostly in the Dressarosa arc, they have made minor appearances in later arcs that also involve some para-giantess material.

Note: Since this is the giantess wiki, only para-giantess moments are allowed to mentioned.


Episode 640

  • Short summary: Nico Robin uses her Devil Fruit power to catch a "tiny person".

Episode 641

  • Short summary: Nico Robin asks Kabu if they robbed from the Marines. The other dwarves fired pollen at her and Usopp to put them to sleep. The dwarves take stuff from her bag while she's asleep. Robin wakes up and sees herself stitched on the ground in Tontanna Kingdom. After telling them her reasons of coming and that she won't lie, they set her free out of gullibility. As she started to leave, they attacked her for not giving up a weapon even if she didn't have one, but was stopped by Flapper by saying she is the legendary hero's (Usopp) partner.

Episode 643

  • Short summary: While Law fights with Doflamingo and Fujitora, the dwarves were scared of the tremors, with one on Robin's arm. Usopp lied about being Noland's descendant since Noland was a saver to the Tontattas and Robin mentioned how bad of a person Usopp is. The dwarves decide they should go to the Flower Field with the two to meet their commander of the Riku Army.



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