XJ9 walking

Due to the angle of the camera, the animation of this image could excite a giantess fetishist.

POV means point of view.

It is an artistic resource that uses perspective, is widely used and accepted in the art of the GTS community.

It consists of seeing from below (from the chin down) a woman, so that it gives the sensation that she is bigger than the observer.



Sailor moon and mini moon pov by arthurt2015-d8uuf6o

This is not GTS. This is pseudo-GTS.

Ashley imminent train crush pov by masterofra-d7q5bdr

This is GTS.

It is known that in the community there are too many images with the subject POV that the only GTS reference is the view of the viewer. This has been misunderstood many times. To begin with, the term GTS means giantess, and POV stands for Point of view. With this explanation, we can easily understand that they are different terms, but they have often been taken together as one meaning.

The Feet POV pose is one of the most confusing community, in fact, is the most used pose in the entire GTS community. Most jobs with this pose never have GTS references, but the community takes these jobs in that category wrongly for the simple fact that the viewer imagines they will be crushed, when in reality they are simply POV. The community should learn to differentiate these terms, just in case it does not confuse novices and outsiders in the community.

And if POVGTS, why still the GTS community accepts the works with POV even though there is no GTS?

Because POV is a particular case of pseudo-giantess, and pseudo-giantesses are also accepted in the GTS community. This is nothing more than a simple syllogism.


Do POVs cause you the feeling of being before giantesses?

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