This is a particular case of pseudo-GTS and relative giantess. Whereas the prefix para means "next to", "related", "auxiliary"; then para-giantess means "related to the giantesses but without being a giantess".

This is the most valued case of pseudo-giantess within the GTS community, since the para-giantesses are almost always considered as giantesses, although these are pseudo-giantesses.

It occurs when a woman (obligatorily of normal size) interacts with beings extraordinarily smaller than her:

Interaction with chibis

They are also considered as para-giantesses:

Clarification: para-GTS ≠ SM

Many people mistakenly think that para-GTS implies SM and vice versa, but this is not always so. Let's look at a couple of counterexamples:

  1. Interaction between 2 women: Suppose there is a normal-sized woman interacting with a SW. Here is the subject para-GTS and SW at the same time, but there is no SM.
  1. Interaction between 2 men: Suppose there is a normal-sized male interacting with a SM. Here is the subject para-GT and SM at the same time, but there is no para-GTS.


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