Pokémon is an anime series based on a video game with the same name. The series consists of capturing beings similar to the animals called pokémon and then train them and use them in various activities (such as contests or hard work), but mainly for fighting.

Summary (with spoilers)

The protagonists are coming to Saffron City. After a bit of discussion, they hear the laughter of a girl playing with a ball. The girl flees and the protagonist pursues her but falls from a cliff, however, his pokémon Bulbasaur saves Ash.

Upon arriving in the city, the protagonists are deceived by Team Rocket and are locked in a room. The girl who appeared at the beginning of the episode releases the protagonists using their psychic powers (teleportation), and appear in front of the gym in the same city.

Before entering the gym, a man warns them that there is danger, but they ignore him. Inside the place, they see several psychics in training and then go to see the gym leader to face her. The deal was that if Ash lost, they would "play forever" with her.

Ash loses, and therefore must comply with the deal. The protagonists are teleported to a desert town. After inspecting the place they realize that there are doll houses. The roof of the house where they are is lifted and looks like Sabrina as a giantess (really she is a para-giantess).

The protagonists begin to run while the mysterious girl (the same one of the beginning of the episode) persecutes to them. After running enough, they encounter a huge photograph that blocks their way and the girl throws her ball at them. Before being crushed, a man arrives and saves them with his psychic powers (teleportation).

Ash asks the man how he could defeat Sabrina and he responds that it is by a ghost-type pokémon.


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