American CGI artist well-known by the GTS community, he has been deviantART for 8 years creating art.

His works are usually made with the help of GMod, currently using SFM, besides being dedicated to the art of gigantas, he is also a podophile, although his main focus is gigantas.

In his art, generally the central theme is the giant women of video games, anime, among others, destroying cities, and with enormous feet.


  • Usually sociable, he is a friend of other macrophile CGI artists like GenSamus.
  • For each new image that rises, usually write a story related to the giantess in question, apparently has writing skills.
  • He makes request in his deviantART with points.
  • Also in comments does roleplay.

Artistic style

His art is created thanks to Garry's Mod, currently using Source Filmaker, the gigantas that appear in his art are varied, they can be of videogames like Peach, cartoons like Elsa, or anime like Yoko of Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.

The recurring theme in his drawings is quite typical (stereotyped, predictable and cliché): Put the giant woman in a city (usually Peach, Elsa, or some anime girl) also showing her huge feet, each render is made by him, with alterations to make the characters "look sexier", often resort to POV to give more emphasis to the colossal size of the girls.

Sometimes renders are normal woman interacting with small men.

Characters in his drawings

The characters in his drawings are somewhat curious of this artist, since he has rendered renders of a great variety of feminine personages, like the princess Peach, Hatsune Miku, Yoko, Elsa, Samus, and many more like the characters that appear in his requests.