Considering that prefix "pseudo-" means "false/fake", then a pseudo-giantess becomes a fake giantess. That is, it is about a being that although it seems to be a absolute giantess, it really is not.

There are several cases in which pseudo-giantess can be presented, see:

Para-giantess: Interaction with shrunken or miniatures

When a woman interacts with beings smaller than herself:

Para-giantess: Interaction with chibis

When a woman interacts with chibis, who are usually smaller than normal:


When you see a woman from below, giving the feeling that she is bigger:

Forced perspective

When the position of the objects generates a false appearance of giantess:

Interaction with Objects to scale (toys, figures, mock-ups)

When interacting with models, toys and the like:

Stretched Images

When you stretch the image of a woman because of the presence of a large screen or a huge advertising poster:

Mecha musume

It is a particular case of gijinka and mecha, where women in manga/anime style are representation or personifications of weapons or military equipment.

False women who are giants

Anyone who is not a female who pretends to be a woman, ie transvestites, transsexuals and their derivatives.