The Guinea Pig Children are kids experimented in Punk Hazard. Caesar Clown achieved some form of gigantification by giving dangerous drugs to children in their growing periods. However, this leads to lethal results, causing the World government to not fund his cause. Big Mom has a dream where her family are big enough for her to be viewed at eye-level, so she decides to fund Caesar's experiments to make it happen.

Note: Since this is the giantess wiki, only images of large girls can be shown.

Freatured giantesses

Featured giantess(es)
Image Name Description Episodes where she participated
(Missing image) Mocha (Short description here) ?
(Missing image) Ally (Short description here) ?
(Missing image) Other Guinea Pig Children (Short description here) ?


(Similar to Diane and Shirahoshi).

Episode 582

Franky, Chopper, Nami, Sanji, and a bodiless samurai enter a room full of gigantic children, with them being surprised of their arrivial.

Episode 583

Many of the children were attracted to three of the Straw Hats (girls being attracted to Chopper). They were suddenly scared when seeing the bodiless samurai. Later when the Straw Hats ran away, they asked to be "saved" and that they aren't sick. The big girl mentioned she wants to go home and believes no one else will save them. This encourages Nami and others to help rescue them. They create an opening in the wall to escape in.

Episode 584

Chopper and Nami try to find an escape route with the children.


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