The Guinea Pig Children are kids experimented in Punk Hazard. Caesar Clown achieved some form of gigantification by giving dangerous drugs to children in their growing periods. However, this leads to lethal results, causing the World government to not fund his cause. Big Mom has a dream where her family are big enough for her to be viewed at eye-level, so she decides to fund Caesar's experiments to make it happen.

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Image Name Description Episodes where she participated
Mocha Anime Infobox
Mocha (Short description here) 582-588, 591-594, 596, 599-601, 606, 608-623
Ally Anime Infobox
Ally (Short description here) 583, 585, 588, 591, 599, 600, 606, 612, 614, 617-619, 621, 622, 736
(Missing image) Other Guinea Pig Children (Short description here) 582-589, 591-596, 599-601, 606, 608-623, 736


(Similar to Diane and Shirahoshi).

Episode 582

Franky, Chopper, Nami, Sanji, and a bodiless samurai enter a room full of gigantic children, with them being surprised of their arrivial.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 657)

Episode 583

Many of the children were attracted to three of the Straw Hats (girls being attracted to Chopper). They were suddenly scared when seeing the bodiless samurai. Later when the Straw Hats ran away, they asked to be "saved" and that they aren't sick. The big girl mentioned she wants to go home and believes no one else will save them. This encourages Nami and others to help rescue them. They create an opening in the wall to escape through.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 658)

Episode 584

Chopper and Nami try to find an escape route with the children.

Episode 585

While running, Chopper wanted to know about the disease they were having. Every child agreed on the fact that they were told they have a disease which would end in a year (even though they were in more), and the people "trying to cure them" took them to Punk Hazard, which Nami suspects they were kidnapped while Chopper thought they're suffering from a terrible illness. Every child thinks everyone's fine since they are treated by "Master". Chopper destroyed a locked exit door, having the kids impressed as Nami notices a freezing cold entry way. The children are scared not because of the climate, but the frozen corpses of prisoners in the island. The group reach the exit of the building, with Franky and Sanji catching up on the way. Because they ran to Law and Smoker's group of Marines, the Straw Hats decide to find another exit with the children.

Episode 586

The children follow the four Straw Hats while noticing they're acting weird since their minds and voices are swapped by Law.

Episode 587

Outside the backdoor, the group wonders what they should do. The children are feeling cold due to the climate. Because of this, a child fell, causing them to stop, as they felt like they could move any further.

Episode 588

The children cuddle each other for warmth. The bodiless samurai has everyone put a rock on everyone's heads and use his Devil Fruit powers to summon warm clothing for them, though he warns them the clothing will disappear when taken off. While meeting with Luffy's group, Usopp notices the giant kids as they later find shelter. Mocha and Sind noticed Brook as a skeleton talking, while later throwing a giant snowball at Luffy. Some of the kids mentioned they weren't the only kids in the lab.

Episode 591

Some kids get distracted by Franky (in Chopper's body) in Guard Point, while rest do others. Chopper (in Sanji's body) thinks they are too healthy to have a disease. Nami (in Franky's body) promises Mocha they'll be brought back to their parents. A girl want Sind to join a snowball fight, but the snowball reminds him of candy. The giant kids are all suffering from withdrawal from this candy (with smaller kids suffering later on). Chopper reveals he found NHC-10, a narcotic that's extremely addictive in more than small doses, in their bodies. The children are addictive to it. He tells Luffy to not give them the candy, since they put a drug in there without them noticing. Many kids see Sind being angry from withdrawal. The kids mentioned they were all normal sized children before coming to the island, and that the largers ones have been experimented on the longest. Usopp takes them down with knockout gas as they later get tied up in chains.

Episode 592-595

The children remain sleeping.

Episode 596

Nami (in Sanji's body) and Usopp notice the bigger children are suffering from withdrawal. Usopp uses the sleeping gas again, but before they went to sleep, the chain starts to breakdown.

Episode 599

The parents of the children asked a G-5 marine to investigate the children again, thinking it's impossible for them to die at sea. Meanwhile, the kids are awake from withdrawal and the knockout gas is less effective on them. They demand candy to remove the pain they feel. Master Caesar finds the hideout and tells the children to come back to the lab by luring them with the candy.

Episode 600

Caesar comments toward the two Straw Hats on how the kids are suffering. Nami states they are taking the children home and away from Punk Hazard. The children decide to go with Caesar. Usopp wants to use force on them, but Nami states they're victims. The biggest kids broke through the chains. While "suffocating" the two by changing the air they breathe, the children demand for candy. Caesar states they have to return to the lab to get the candy. He also tells the kids to exterminate the two pirates, but Brownbeard prevents it from happening. While attacking him, Caesar warns the children it's dangerous in the hideout and to get in the balloon. At the balloon, the children want candy and to know where "Master" is.

Episode 601

The children enter the lab, and the children want candy. Caesar says they'll have it soon, but they'll have to go to the Biscuits Room first. Mocha however finds the place scary and hallucinates one of the workers as a scary snake. The effects of the drug worn off on her as she really wants to escape. The employees tell her it's cold out, plus they're on a high floor. She is scared of them from hallucination and realizes how kind Nami and her friends were to her, so she bangs at the door.

Episode 606

Mocha is still scared from going back as she wants to leave. Chopper finds her and attacks the three employees behind her. She hallucinates Chopper (back in his original body) as a monster due to the symptoms, so he injects her with sedatives. She tells Chopper what happened while he was gone and takes him to a shortcut to the Biscuits room. After reaching the shortcut, the two notice the other children are close behind them, so he has Mocha hold the door closed as he seals it with a steel pipe. Mocha asks why they can't eat the candy.

Episode 608

After Chopper explained the situation, Mocha decides to not let anyone eat the candy and go back home with the others. She runs to the Biscuits Room to get rid of the candy. The other children meanwhile are breaking through the door. Chopper turns into his monster form to prevent the other children from reaching the room.

Episode 609

The children keep on attacking Chopper for him getting in the way. They run past him after he's knocked down and gets reverted back to his chibi form. They run to the Biscuits Room where Mocha has the candy. Robin tried stopping the other children with her "giant hands", but they passed through them. Mocha states she won't give the others candy, and that the Straw Hats were helping them to escape the island, but they aren't listening, so she runs away. However, Monet blocks the path out with her snow. Mocha thinks she'll help, but she tells her to share the candy.

Episode 610

Mocha tells Monet no one should eat the candy, but Monet views her as unreasonable. Meanwhile, Caesar checks on everything in a surveillance room.

Episode 611

In a flashback, all the children were trying to be nice with Momonosuke, with Mocha even providing sweets, but he refused their charity. In the present, Mocha runs away from the other children in a blizzard.

Episode 612

While Mocha runs away from the other children, she remembers the good times she spent with the other children. Monet even mentions how they were taking care of the children.

Episode 613

Robin holds down some of the children with her "multiple hands" while Chopper gives them the sedatives. Nami also starts to help Mocha.

Episode 614

Nami makes "Milky Ball" to stop the children, but they run pass through. Mocha doesn't know where else to go, and is stopped by the other children, having to struggle to stop from having the candy. Nami and Robin barely helped with the struggle even with the effort they provided. Mocha decides to eat all the candy herself to prevent the others from having them, causing them to be mad. Chopper tells her to spit them, but she swallows them instead. One flashback shows the children making a promise to go out to sea for adventure. Another shows Chopper explaining to her the candy is a lethal poison and that Caesar was using them as test subjects for gigantification which will fail in them prematurely dying. She soon falls down the stairs. Back in the second flashback, Mocha cried for worrying about their death, despite thinking Caesar will help and the candy was only given to them. Chopper promised to help them and stop Caesar. The children stopped when they realize she's coughing blood and the Straw Hats come rushing down to give her sedatives. Chopper explains to them Mocha was helping them be free. Sanji and members of G-5 Marines hold the other children down, with the medical ones helping Chopper out and others bringing Mocha to the examination room. Chopper thanks her for not giving the children candy and promises they will grow up.

Episode 615

With many of the children held down, Chopper tells Mocha to not give in to death after giving her the sedatives.

Episode 616

Nami, Robin, Sanji, and G-5 Marines have the kids follow them to Building R while Chopper and other G-5 members help Mocha spit out the drugs.

Episode 617

The factory starts to cave in and the Shinokuni gas is leaking in from the cracks. The children are too scared to move. After informing Zoro he's moving the wrong way, Nami has the other run beside her. In Building B, the other G-5 Marines tell Chopper to hurry as the building caves in. Chopper has them run to Building R with the IV bag pole so he could monitor Mocha.

Episode 618

While the medical team carry Mocha to the exit, Usopp informs to them from the secret room of the shortest route to Building R while he seals the gas. The group meets up with Brook and petrified samurai Kin'emon. They both stop, and Usopp informs they should keep on moving. Meanwhile, Nami's group leads the other children to Building R where they meet Luffy. The group later meets Smoker and Law. Chopper's group are later seen running away from the gas.

Episode 619

All of the children in Building R enter the tram. While Nami is worried about the children, they inform her they'll be fine and only want to go home. The door to Building R starts to close due to the gas. None of the people leave due to missing crew mates and Mocha not being around. Usopp informs Chopper's group to outrun the gas as he leaves. The others made it to Building R before Chopper's group leaves and they escape in the tram.

Episode 620

While in the tram cars, the lab explodes as the escapers notice it. The exit caves in as well, including Zoro destroy a large rubble from it. The poisonous gas is also coming from behind.

Episode 621

Everyone is relying on Nami to clear the poisonous gas coming from the exit. The tram car starts to break down after Franky sends Buffalo an Baby 5 flying to the mountain. The children beg Nami to save her, as she helps out immeadiately after. Everyone is out. None of the females are impressed with Franky Shogun.

Episode 622

Chopper checks on the children after Law took out the narcotics from them. They are worried about Mocha not waking up. They want to thank Nami for taking care of them and wanting to leave with her, but then complain after Tashigi informs they'll take care of them. Nami thinks it's best for them to be with them as well. Chopper checks on Mocha and mourns for her as she suddenly wakes up while everyone else has curry before they leave. Chopper and Mocha thank Law with curry.

Episode 623

The children play around with G-5 Marines and Luffy while Mocha mentions to the others how fine she is. Nami and Chopper say their farewells as the children go on the Marine ship. The children complain that G-5 subordinates are covering the Straw Hats with a barrier to prevent them from being seen. The soldiers threatened the kids by not having anyone say something nice to the Straw Hats, or they'll be thrown out of the ship. This causes them to cover their mouths. The kids cried from the stereotypical belief of all pirates being bad and the Straw Hats doing so much to save them. When Tashigi tells them to stop, they witness the subordinates feeling bad for having to like the pirates. As soon as the boat starts to leave, the kids say they'll become future pirates.

Episode 736

The children inform they're hungry. Tashigi says they have muffins and coffee, but a child stated they can't have coffee. Tashigi says they'll arrive to Vegapunk's lab in a few days.


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