She is the protagonist of Q·Ko-chan: The Earth Invader Girl.

Biography (it has spoilers)

Before Betrayal

Originally she belonged to the 130 Sisters, where she was one of the elder sisters. Her personality was sullen (similar to Kirio, her future pilot).

Their mission was to protect the children (earthlings), but the plans of AA·Ko (the oldest sister of all) was to exterminate all kinds of threats, including their parents.

Q·Ko disagreed and betrayed the other sisters.

After the betrayal

Q·Ko escaped to Earth, retaining her goal to protect the children, but after fighting with a land-based defense ship, she lost part of her memory.

She only remembered the place to go (Kirio's house), her mission (to protect the children and to defeat the aliens), her nature (mecha) and her name: Q·Ko.

Not only did she lose her memory, but her personality was altered: she is more friendly and more "human" (to the point of falling in love with Kirio, her pilot).


The illustrations of Hajime Ueda are very simple, reason why few details in the respect are appreciated.

As "human"

  • She has a long blouse that goes up to her legs (she acts like a skirt).
  • A pair of ponytails rabbit.

As mecha

It is similar to her human form, but with a more "robotic" face and a heart in the chest (which is where the pilot should enter).



  • The name given by her former owner was "Bunny".