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It is a manga created exclusively by Hajime Ueda.


In a universe where the Earth is attacked by aliens, a 13-year-old boy named Kirio is living in a fictional district of Japan, where the elite and the children of the military reside.

One day, an unidentified flying object arrives at that place, which is battling a land defense ship. After the fight, that UFO arrives at the house of Kirio, shrinking until taking the form of a human girl of 13 years.

She introduces herself as Q·Ko and wants Kirio to be her pilot. From that moment, Kirio and Q · Ko form a team that will face the alien threat: Q·Ko is transformed into mecha and Kirio handles it.

Subsequently more mechas appeared with their respective pilots.


"Human" form Mecha form Name Theme Pilot
Q·Ko (Personaje) (7)
Q·Ko (Personaje) (8)
Q·Ko Bunny Kirio Muji (the protagonist).
Q·Ko (Otros) (1)
Q·Ko (Otros) (2)
RK·Ko Native Americans Mei Kurozawa
Q·Ko (Otros) (3)
Q·Ko (Otros) (4)
SS·Ko Elegance Noru Momozawa.
Q·Ko (Otros) (5)
Q·Ko (Otros) (6)
NH·Ko Tirol (Italy) Tatsuta Katsumoto.
Q·Ko (Otros) (7)
Q·Ko (Otros) (8)
VV·Ko Gothic Lolita
  • Otayama (At first, temporarily)
  • Shiino Ino (in the end, but never climbed)
Q·Ko (Otros) (9)
Q·Ko (Otros) (10)
AA·Ko Generic Asian Teen Furiko Muji (the protagonist's sister).



  • The idea that a group of "chosen" children save the world is a well-known cliché and overexploited in the series of animé aimed at minors (notable examples: Digimon, Shaman King). This was apparently criticized by the same Hajime Ueda, showing in one scene that a chosen child dies in an explosion and another (friend of Kirio) is injured by a bullet in the leg.
    • Ironically, the manga story continues to use this overexploited plot.