A relative giantess is a woman who is relatively larger than another being.

Jojo luffi by diego toon master

Because here the artist has not drawn a stage, we do not know if the woman in the picture is an absolute giantess, para-giantess or whatever. However, what we can affirm is that she is a relative giantess. Illustration by diego-toon-master.

Casos particulares

Image Case name Description
Absolute giantess A woman is bigger than normal.
Para-GTS A woman who, being of normal size, interacts with beings smaller than normal.
2 vs 1 demolition competition by masterofra-d8oi44v

Maddie (the girl in all-blue dress) is the meta-giantess in this case, since she interacts with other giant beings: Chibiusa (the girl with pink hair) and McKenzie (the girl in black and white plaid skirt). Illustration by MasterOfRa.

Meta-GTS A woman bigger than other giants.
Ivaleras plaything by sugarnhoney-dbikpvl

Illustration by sugarnhoney.

SW larger than other tiny beings This is a strange and controversial case, since a woman who is smaller than normal is relatively larger than other beings (naturally, also shrunken or they are miniatures).

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