Every wiki is a source of data by nature. This wiki has been created with the aim of being the main meeting point of information about the giantesses and the people who love them (the GTS community) because there are people interested in this subject.

However, this wiki is hosted on the servers, therefore, we can not afford to upload explicit images (sex, violence) or publish illegal information (piracy). To prevent inappropriate behaviors of people who want to participate in this wiki, a number of rules must be followed.

First thing: respect the rules of

Our wiki is hosted for free in the servers, so you have to respect its rules. If you want to contribute to this wiki, you must first know the rules of

Be careful about what is published

It is worth showing the most important point of the Terms of Use:

  • Post or transmit any content that is obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, profane, or otherwise violates any law or right of any third party, or content that contains homophobia, ethnic slurs, religious intolerance, or encourages criminal conduct.

About the images: This means that although this wiki is a taboo, we must be very careful with the images that are published, since will not tolerate it. In any case, the use of black rectangles can be used to censor inappropriate parts (such as nipples or genitals) or use a filter (such as blurring, pixelation, or using black rectangles).

About the texts: If you are going to write something, avoid being explicit. Or at least, make a summary of what you mean and then give an external link to the explicit text (provided informed that the external link contains an explicit text and also not have explicit images or videos).

Family Content (Safe for Work)

Everything you contribute to this wiki must be of familiar content (safe for work), i.e.:

  • No explicit pornography: (exposed genitals, anus exposed, exposed female nipples). If you upload pornography, you will be notified that you have committed a foul, delete what you have uploaded (or censored if it is worth the contribution) and there won't be banned. If you raise real child pornography (lolicon, shotacon and derivatives do not count), then there will be a definitive ban.
  • None of highly violent scenes (real photos): (mutilations, cuts, dismemberments, beheadings, excessive blood). If you upload that, you will be notified that you have committed a foul, delete what you have uploaded (or will be censored if it is worth the contribution) and there won't be banned. Drawings are tolerated (see below).

Forbidden Themes

Strictly prohibited:

  • Pedophilia: Any topic that deals sexually about children (be they real or drawn), that includes lolicon/shotacon.
  • Zoophilia: Any topic that deals sexually about real animals.
  • Inappropriate themes for children: Pornography in general, necrophilia, fem-dom, etc.

The members of the GTS community know that there is a whole controversy about children and real animals. However, if Wikia does not want to talk about these issues, then we must obey.

Perverted images are allowed, as long as genitalia are not shown. Also violent images, but in drawings. For example, Elfen Lied's wiki has explicit images, but those are not directly pronographic:

Anyway, try to upload the most harmless material possible.


This wiki is visited by English speakers from different parts of the world, so the way you write should be as formal as possible and using neutral English:

  • Do not use the jargon of your country or place where you live.
  • You can only use the jargon of our glossary.
  • Avoid spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Be as formal as possible, as if it were a university job or a thesis (unless there are complicated topics to explain and you are forced to explain the matter in simple words).
  • Be very explicit. Say things as they are, tell the truth and do not make up with beautiful words. For example, if a project undoubtedly did not meet its goal , then you must say directly that it was a failure , do not make it up by saying that it was insufficiently successful .

Neutrality and impartiality

It is understood that you are human, and therefore, you have prejudices and cognitive biases. Despite this, the articles you should write should have the least amount of possible bias (be for or against someone or something).

  • If an artist considers that he draws very well or does it very badly, write the article avoiding expressing your opinion. And if the majority of the community agrees that a certain artist or work is good or bad, write it down in the article indicating that this is what most think. For example, The vast majority of Dragon Ball fans agree that the movie Dragon Ball Evolution is bad, even so in Dragon Ball's Wikia they had to make a neutral article (and in the end indicate that for the fans it was bad): [1].
  • If you see that there are similarities in one work with another, do not say directly that it is a plagiarism (unless it is confirmed that it is). Just show the original work together with the alleged plagiarism, and let the reader decide based on their criteria if it is plagiarism or coincidence. For example, these drawings are similar, even so, we can not state directly whether it is plagiarism or not:

Privacy and personal information

This wiki is a source of information by nature, but there is some information that can be published, and others that should not be published (for legal reasons).

There are people who show their faces on the Internet, and even their name. There are also people who, as much as possible, want to remain anonymous. Next, the criteria will be given to know if certain information can be published in this wiki or not:

What information CAN I post?

Any information found on the superficial Internet and public sources, whether interviews in legal websites, formal blogs (which guarantee their sources), reliable videos where people are talked about, the official Twitter account of the person in question, their official website (be it a blog or deviantART account).

What information SHOULD I NOT publish?

Any data that is not on the superficial Internet (i.e.: Deep Web). Nor is the data obtained from non-public sources (such as a Facebook account, as obtaining information from it is violating privacy, and therefore illegal). Defamation videos or compliments that do not present their sources.

Intellectual Property and Piracy

This website prohibits the publication of external links containing pirated files or illegal information. In other words, no links to websites where you download content that has been hacked or cracked (including torrents).

For example, if an article is about a manga or video that, in order to acquire it legally, you have to buy it, then it is forbidden to publish a link where this material is free (obviously: pirately). Only links are allowed where this material can be legally obtained (source where it can be purchased).

On the other hand, if the material you speak of is free, then you must necessarily publish your official download source. That is to say: you do not count the unofficial sources as alternatives, unless the official source has been eliminated, then at that moment only the unofficial sources are worth.

In this wiki we are neutral and independent, so we are friends of the truth!

Quality standards


We prefer quality over quantity.

In this wiki we deeply respect the giantesses and their fans, so our respect is reflected in the quality of our articles.

Hence, this wiki requires quality articles, therefore, you have to follow the standards that will be discussed below depending on the type of article: