Ruri: his OC.

Too tall mina by sanone

Mina: another OC.

British illustrator and writer.

Her drawings, although mainly involving the giantess fetishism, also abound the fetishism of disproportionately huge breasts, and to a lesser extent the abnormally large buttocks.

Despite not speaking much, he is a close friend of several English-speaking members of the GTS community, including MasterOfRa, chibiBiscuit, Kenj, DunamisSolgard1002, among others.

Artistic style

First stage

Initially his drawings were monochromos made with charcoal, soon began to give them color, and little by little it was introducing itself in the world of the digital art. Although the characters draws them with details, their scenarios are simple to compare:

Second stage: 2012

At the end of 2012, his artistic style has been improving and already dominates digital media for it. In addition, his drawings began to tend on the same theme of abnormally large breasts and buttocks. He also makes use of and abuse of POV: