Long fairy tale (illustrated novel) written and illustrated by Jacques Carelman.

It is a rarity, because in the world only 1500 copies were printed and only sold in France (and therefore, it is only in French language).

In addition, very little is known of this book, although its author was famous.


The beautiful Jessica, beloved of the storms, gave birth to a daughter, called Saroka, who grows with the passage of time.

But Saroka terrifies the men and must flee to her ardent regret. Her last refuge: petrification. But it is only an illusion: new giants are carved in stone.

General information

  • There were only 1500 in the world, only in French.
  • It has about 100 pages.
  • The drawings have a style similar to that of Max Ernst, in fact, they are not illustrations, but montages (collages).
    • Its author, Jacques Carelman, has endeavored to assemble fragments of images with identical enlightenment or perspective, in order to recompose coherent drawings (unlike the somewhat abrupt chimeras of Marx Ernst)


About its author: Jacques Carelman (1929-2012)

He was a painter, theater decorator and French illustrator. He was known for his designs of impossible objects:


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