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SK - EP42 (1)

Shaman King's episode format: Japanese letters on the image of the full moon.

Shaman King (シャーマンキング: Shāman Kingu) is a manga and anime series created by Hiroyuki Takei.

The anime was directed by Seiji Mizushima in the year 2000 and was produced by TV Tokyo Studios, Nihon Ad Systems and XEBEC. The series culminates with a total of 64 episodes. This is because the manga was developed at the same time as the anime, but the plot was separated from the original and took different courses with very different endings.

Synopsis (without spoilers)

Yoh Asakura is a shaman (a person capable of seeing spirits and interacting with them), and his goal in life is to become the Shaman King to be able to live in peace. But to achieve its goal, Yoh must win the tournament of shamans to be held in North America (Mexico or the United States).

Fight of giants

Beginning with episode 40 of the anime, the main characters (except Lyserg, Morphine's companion) read the Magic Log and acquire the necessary knowledge to transform their accompanying spirits into giants.

In fact, it is from this moment that the animé of Shaman King becomes a battle of giants:

Featured giantesses (there were only 3)

Image Name Description
SK - EP49 (1)
Eliza Mephisto She is the deceased wife of Faust. She has proved to be one of the most powerful giantesses in the series.
SK - EP62 (26)
Kororo She is a koropokkuru whose power is the manipulation of the cold (ice and snow).
SK - EP60 (9)
Morphine She is a fairy who can use the dowsing and possesses a glass bead.

Key episodes

Image # Description
SK - EP16 (10)
15 y 16 It does not deal with the GTS theme, but the origin of Eliza Mephisto is explained.
SK - EP40 (2)
40 From here begin the battles of giants, since the characters read the Magic Log.
SK - EP42 (7)
42 It's the first giant fight where Eliza Mephisto and Kororo appear.
SK - EP44 (17)
44 Eliza Mephisto faces some vikings.
SK - EP47 (15)
47 Eliza Mephisto faces some Arabs
SK - EP48 (9)
48 Kororo faces some catholics.
SK - EP49 (6)
49 Eliza Mephisto faces some greeks.
SK - EP51 (3)
51 Eliza Mephisto confronts Japanese exorcists.
SK - EP52 (10)
52 Eliza Mephisto and Kororo fight as part of a workout. Then, Eliza Mephisto faces the oceanic team.
SK - EP53 (3)
53 Kororo trains with Len Tao.
SK - EP55 (6)
55 Eliza Mephisto and Kororo fight against the full band of the X Laws and the band of Hao.
SK - EP58 (1)
58 Morphine first acquires her giantess form.
SK - EP59 (4)
59 Eliza Mephisto and Kororo fight against the elite band of Hao.
SK - EP60 (7)
60 Morphine intervenes so that they can revive Len Tao.
SK - EP61 (3)
61 Eliza Mephisto, Kororo and Morphine fight against the guardians of the Great Spirits.
SK - EP62 (10)
62 Eliza Mephisto, Kororo and Morphine fight against Hao.
SK - EP63 (23)
63 Eliza Mephisto, Kororo and Morphine still fight against Hao.
SK - EP64 (1)
64 End of the anime. Eliza Mephisto finally revives.


  • We must take into account that the stories manga and anime separated, so that the manga does not focus on battle of giants as does the anime.
  • Faust usually stand on tits of Eliza Mephisto. This is striking considering the huge bust size that "adult" women put on. For example, Jun Tao, Len Tao's older sister, is 17 years old and has a remarkable size: