"Anyone knows that a technique more than 500 years old would never work again"
―Hao Asakura

Shaman King's antepenultimate episode.

Summary (with spoilers)

Yoh's friends arrive at the worst moment - just when Yoh had already been "killed" by Hao.

This generates the fury of all, especially of Len Tao, so that all of them immediately transform their accompanying spirits into giants, thus beginning the final battle against Hao and the Spirit of Fire.

While the Yoh body is lying on the ground, his soul navigates through Hao's neurons (so he has contact with his memories), this awakens his father, who felt that his existence had not faded.

Continuing with the battle against Hao, the latter demonstrates an enormous superiority to be able to defend himself of all the joint attacks and to be able to attack simultaneously to his opponents. Anna plans to intervene using his demons, but Hao manages to control them with scrolls, causing those demons to run counter to Yoh's friends.

The demons are more powerful, so Manta reacts and together with Mosuke make a possession of objects: create a hammer with a laptop. Manta strikes the demons, leaving them unconscious for a brief moment. Meanwhile, Manta reminds them not to resort to fury. The demons are finally defeated with a light emanating from Yoh's friends.

Meanwhile, Yoh continues to navigate in the mind of Hao, where he sees his memories of his first life, when he was discriminated against for being a very powerful shaman.

Hao wants to devour the Great Spirits, but Yoh's friends intervene to distract him, giving Anna time to properly use the 1080's Rosary. Anna successfully succeeds in using it and Yoh's friends are going to throw her full power.

However, Hao manages to counterattack, destroying the rosary, under the argument of "anyone knows that a technique more than 500 years old would never work again."

The episode ends with a brief memory of Yoh on the cemetery where Amidamaru lays.


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  • It is the first time that all the friends of Yoh fight together against a common blank: Hao.

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