"As much as I show them, they do not understand. If they had not met Yoh, they would not have to go through this fateful destiny. Surely they would have become my allies, and they would serve me"
―Hao Asakura

Shaman King's penultimate episode.

Summary (with spoilers)

The episode begins by showing Hao having full mastery of the battle, his opponents can not even scratch him.

In spite of this, the friends of Yoh consider that Yoh still supports to them, in spite of being "dead". Hao responds by saying that Yoh has not died, but has returned to the "place where he belongs" (his interior). Yoh friends, accordingly, attack again.

On the other hand, after seeing a memory of Amidamaru in the cemetery, Yoh, regains his consciousness (his soul). The first thing he does is attack Hao with his sword.

This time, Yoh's friends decide to paralyze the Fire Spirit so Yoh can attack him directly with his sword, but he does not do anything to him.

This time Hao becomes angry, so he decides to evade the battle so that his Spirit of Fire devours directly to the Great Spirits. After the feast, the Spirit of Fire is transformed it acquires more power and a golden color. Now, Hao can defeat Yoh's friends in one fell swoop.

The episode ends with a direct attack from Yoh to Hao.


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  • The fact that the Spirit of Fire increases its power and its gold color is similar to the same thing that happened in another anime of mechas: Red Baron.

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