A primary character in the Fishman Island arc of One Piece.

Despite not being part of the Giant race, her large size is comparable to them.


Being a giant-sized mermaid, Shirahoshi is able to easily lift a normal-sized person with one hand, as she had done with Luffy and Nami. Like all mermaids, she is one of the fastest swimmers in the ocean.

As the current form of Poseidon, Shirahoshi can command Sea Kings, a group of very large sea creatures that can make large ships seem really small in comparison. While merfolk and fishmen can summon and communicate with normal fish and marine life via sonar waves, Shirahoshi alone has the uncanny ability to call sea kings via the same method. By screaming, she emits sonar waves that summon the sea kings to her. Because of this, a prophecy states she would be able to change the world in some way.

Character general info


She has very long, flowing pink hair with a taiyaki-shaped hairgrip. Her breasts are large, even relative to her giant-like size, and much of her upper body is exposed. Her broadly striped tail ends in a ruffle around her waist. She tends to have blush marks on her cheeks due to her shyness.

She wears a cleavage baring yellow halter top covered in pearls with a strap that widens and sticks out on the back of her neck. She also wears clam earrings and belly chains with a cloth hanging down in front. She has a very long light red and pink striped tail.


Despite her size, Shirahoshi is rather easily frightened. She has a very fragile personality, quickly breaking out into crying fits whenever she gets upset, such as the time when Megalo disappears, when Luffy startled her during their first meeting, and when Luffy says that he does not like her. She is greatly pampered by her family, as she claimed that nobody ever yelled at her before, and cried at the fact that Luffy was the first to do so. Whenever someone yells at her, she will interpret this as anger towards her and will start crying, while saying that the offender is scary. In fact, Shirahoshi easily tears up whenever she expresses her emotions such as joy, fear, or sadness.

She can be grateful since she willingly hides Luffy from the guards after he saved her from being struck by an axe thrown by Vander Decken IX and also thanks him for rescuing Megalo. She is very considerate of her family and kingdom, saying that leaving Hard-Shell Tower even if she wants to would be a selfish thing for her to do. She is also very polite and addresses everyone with "-sama". She even politely rejected Decken's proposal by saying that "he wasn't her type".

About her size

Despite her mother, Otohime, being a normal sized mermaid, she was much bigger than her even as an infant. Her large size greatly resembles that of her father, Neptune. She has even surpassed the size of her elder brothers at that same age. This led to people mentioning the size logic between the family and questioning how the mother could have given birth to her. Considering Oda mentioned in an SBS that fishmen are mammals and merfolk can mate with fishmen (plus Kokoro is a mermaid who mated with a human) this would make merfolk mammals as well, in which mermaids would give birth through pregnancy.


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Brook Imagines Shirahoshi
  • After her father mentions the fact that she is big, Brook (before meeting her personally) imagines her as being big both in size and in width.
    • Prior to this, when Usopp was told Megalo was the princess’ pet, he imagine the princess to have shark-like features including sharp fangs.