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Episode 531

  • Short summary: Luffy enters Shirahoshi's room. She tries to act brave, but then suddenly cries.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 612)

Episode 532

  • Short summary: A giant axe thrown by Vander Decken gets thrown towards her, but Luffy saves her from it. Before the guards come in her room, she hides Luffy right behind her. Shirahoshi was surprised of Megalo coming back as the Minister of the Right warned her about recent mermaid kidnappings and Luffy being a "potential threat" to the kingdom due to Sharyly's accurate predictions, even though he knows they saved her pet. She thanks Luffy and tells him about Vander Decken's Mark-Mark Fruit that has him throw weapons at her no matter where she is because she rejected his proposals before, so she was locked in the tower for 10 years, making Megalo her only real friend. She lets Luffy eat her food and ask about his adventures. Shirahoshi cries from Luffy yelling at her, causing Luffy to "not like her", making her even more upset. Luffy thinks Shirahoshi should leave with him since she mentioned there is someplace she wants to go.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 613)

Episode 533

  • Short summary: Shirahoshi was worried about leaving so quickly that she wanted to think things through. Shirahoshi wants to go to the Sea Forest, but apologizes for "thinking it's foolish" as multiple people were thrown at her door, causing Neptune to want her to be checked on. She was told about how dangerous it was for her leave and was too afraid to push the issue. Luffy promises to protect her as long as she stops crying. She leaves with Luffy while inside Megalo.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 614)

Episode 534

  • Short summary: Shirahoshi apologizes in thought to her father, brothers, and the ministers for leaving without permission and promises to be home by dinner. Vander Decken also mentions he keeps his right hand in a glove because he touched Shirahoshi with that hand, making her his target. She feels fascinated by the sight of Fishman Island and mentions to Luffy there's one grave in the Sea Forest she has always wanted to see (which is of Queen Otohime), but couldn't.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 615)

Episode 535

  • Short summary: Shirahoshi notices a cloud that looks like a raccoon. Luffy comments how it looks like Chopper as she is confused when he told her he's a doctor and part of his crew. Luffy notices "flying fish" in which she comments she can't see in from inside Megalo. Shirahoshi later asks if Luffy was born strong, but he comments he trained since he was little because to her surprise, there are people stronger than him. They notice Megalo having trouble containing her. He slightly spat her out and tried to quickly put her back in. She later notices Luffy sneezing out of nowhere, and later laughing at Luffy's jokes while Decken aims for her while riding on coral.

Manga counterpart (Chapter 616)