Episode 536

  • Short summary: Megalo reveals Shirahoshi when reaching his limit.

(Gallery to be added)

Episode 537

  • Short summary: Shirahoshi apologizes for leaving Megalo as many townspeople think Shirahoshi was kidnapped by Luffy. Sanji petrifies himself after seeing her, thinking Boa Hancock's beauty pales in comparison. Vander Decken urges Shirahoshi while riding on giant coral to propose to him despite being the reason she was locked in a tower for a decade. Shirahoshi rejects by politely saying "You're just not my type".

(Gallery to be added)

Episode 538

  • Short summary: Shirahoshi along with others reach the sea forest and meet Franky at the Sunny. Jinbe meets Luffy and is surprised the princess left her tower.

(Gallery to be added)

Episode 539

  • Short summary:

(Gallery to be added)

Episode 540

  • Short summary: Otohime meets her children. Shirahoshi as a baby calms down after her mother and brothers put their pinkies on her hand.

(Gallery to be added)

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