Episode 536

  • Short summary: Shirahoshi and Luffy look at more clouds; her clouds remind her of fish while Luffy's reminds him of food. Shirahoshi then feels bad when she sees a cloud reminding her of King Neptune. Luffy cheers her up, but Megalo almost completely spat her out. The two found Sanji and Chopper with Hatchan and other citizens below, causing Megalo to close his mouth while struggling. However, Megalo reveals Shirahoshi when reaching his limit, causing many townspeople to think Shirahoshi was kidnapped by Luffy and Chopper to try to have Sanji not look behind him.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 617)

Episode 537

  • Short summary: Shirahoshi apologizes for leaving Megalo. Sanji petrifies himself after seeing her, thinking Boa Hancock's beauty pales in comparison. The citizens capture the four, including Hatchi, for her sake, making her realize there's a misunderstanding. Vander Decken, while riding on giant coral, urges Shirahoshi to propose to him despite being the reason she was locked in a tower for a decade. Shirahoshi rejects by politely saying "You're just not my type". Vander decides to kill her, so the citizens have her leave, but Luffy tells her to stay. Luffy defeats Vander Decken with his arms and torso tied up. Sanji smiles from seeing the princess while Shirahoshi unties Luffy. She promises the citizens she'll be home by dinner as she leaves with Megalo, the three Straw Hats, and Hatchi. They were stopped by Wadatsumi (who is many times bigger than her), but Luffy attacks with Gear 2nd as they make their escape.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 618)

Episode 538

  • Short summary: Shirahoshi along with others reach the sea forest, in which she cries tears of joy, and meet Franky at the Sunny. Luffy introduces her to Franky as "crybaby". Jinbe meets Luffy and is surprised (along with Den and Keimi later on) the princess left her tower. Sanji is suddenly fully healed and complements the princess' beauty. Luffy also strikes down another axe thrown by Decken in the middle of Jinbe's conversation with her. Jinbe complains the princess could have been killed, but to his surprise, she is not scared because she's with Luffy. She is later seen praying by her mother's grave with Jinbe commenting she could not leave the tower to attend her mother's funeral. After hearing the news from Nami and Keimi later on, Shirahoshi cries over the harm of her father from Hody Jones.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 619)

Episode 539

  • Short summary: Caribou witnessed Shirahoshi's size and wants to get ahold of her to sell as a slave for a really high price. Meanwhile, Jinbe reminds Shirahoshi her father won't give in so easily and he'll assist him when he can. Sanji flatters as he gives tea to the three girls (though Luffy takes what's suppose to be Nami's). When hearing the stories between the bigotry of humans and fishmen/merfolk, Shirahoshi cries at the moment of hearing her mother's name.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 620)

Episode 540

  • Short summary: Otohime meets her children. Shirahoshi as a baby calms down after her mother and brothers put their pinkies on her hand. In the present, Chopper asked Shirahoshi if she was a crybaby because of the mother.
  • Note: While being part of the flashback, she's also listening to Jinbe talk about it, along with commentary from others throughout episodes 540-547.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 621)