Episode 546

  • Short summary: While most in Fishman Island (including Shirahoshi) wait for the queen’s arrivial back, Vander Decken hears about the Tamate Box, thinking it will make Shirahoshi older and plans on marrying her to get it. He even states that he likes big women as a way to show big power. The citizens are later glad that she came back. Otohime praises the signatures from Fishman Island. Otohime mentions Shirahoshi having the power to talk to Sea Kings as legend says she would meet with someone to guide her to change the world for better or worse, yet she is unaware of this and has yet to control it, asking for her brothers to take care of her. Despite others coming for more signatures, they suddenly got caught on fire as Otohime later gets shot in the chest. While many were distracted (including her daughter), Vander Decken touched Shirahoshi with his right hand with only guards noticing. Shirahoshi starts to cry, but Manboshi and Ryuboshi start to cheer her up more. Fukaboshi promises their mother that he and his brothers will be soldiers to protect their younger sister. Right before Otohime dies, she and her children do their last pinkie touch together.

(Gallery to be added)

Episode 547

  • Short summary: The children try to stay positive, even after their mother’s death, but got upset when Hody showed the public a human shot her. After a few days of Neptune locking himself in anger, Shirahoshi states how much she misses him. She later showed him a “love letter” from Vander Decken, which he despises due to his daughter’s really young age. He decides for his children to not attend the funeral. Fukaboshi and his younger siblings appear on a video screen, with him saying that there is still hope and they’ll carry out her dream. Back in the present, Jinbe mentions the following decade afterwards. Shirahoshi mentions to Nami how it feels like they have been friends for a long time. Hatchi reveals of Hody’s hatred towards who despise him as a video transponder snail arrives reveal him.

(Gallery to be added)

Episode 548

  • Short summary: While Hody announces his ruling on Fishman Island and the killing of humans, Neptune’s children are in shocked when they see him captured and hear his planned execution. Hody also shows three of the Straw Hats captured and planned to be drowned in water. While Luffy plans on fighting Hody, Shirahoshi starts to leave the sea forest to save her father. Jinbe and Hatchi tell her to not go because Hody wants to get rid of her as a threat, hence why he partnered with Vander Decken. Despite her not knowing if she can control her powers, Jinbe states he would kill her anyways for his safety and that they should be sure for him to not know she can’t control it.

(Gallery to be added)

Episode 549

  • Short summary: Shirahoshi and the others ask Luffy and Jinbe to not fight each other. They were also surprised of seeing Robin in the middle of the fight. They also start feeling upset when Jinbe mentions why Luffy shouldn’t fight Hody, until Sanji mentions that something must be done (simply to protect the mermaids of Fishman Island). Luffy and Jinbe still continue their fight.

(Gallery to be added)

Episode 550

  • Short summary: Nothing notable as she keeps on watching Luffy and Jinbe bicker with each other.

(Gallery to be added)

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