Episode 556

  • Short summary: As commanded by Hody to kill the princess, Dosun orders the Bombardment Squad to kill her, but were distracted by Brook’s Party Music. Hody later calls the Kraken that the Straw Hats have met before (and captured Megalo) arriving to Fishman Island. The Kraken recognizes Luffy and betrays Hody. Under his new name Surume, the octopus protects Shirahoshi under Luffy’s orders.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 635 & 636)

Episode 557

  • Short summary: Hody insists on Surume to crush Shirahoshi as he also mentions where in the North Pole his brothers are and will kill them if he doesn’t obey. Luffy understands how Surume feels in protecting his brothers and wants to help, causing him to free the princess.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 636)

Episode 558

  • Short summary: Three fishmen were about to kill Shirahoshi, but Surume beats them up. The princess compliments on how strong the octopus is, as well as Luffy’s use of Observation Haki and how far he punched Hody. Everyone later notices the Noah is right above as Vander Decken makes an announcement in which he shows no one will love her more than he does and would show this by crashing towards Fishman Island and sacrifice everyone there. Shirahoshi decides to swim to the Noah so no one else would be sacrificed. After Decken throws a knife at her shoulder, she swims away from the Noah, keeping in mind of the island’s citizens as well.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 637)

Episode 559

  • Short summary: The citizens of Fishman Island are noticing Shirahoshi’s actions in luring the Noah away from the bubble as they hope she makes it back alive, knowing her life is in danger. She realizes she has to get into the ocean or the bubble will burst, but the main entrance is too far away. She notices some of Luffy’s friends were the last ones to leave Ryugu Kingdom and decides to swim up there to she if they left the connected channel open. When some mermen tried to slow down the Noah a little bit to help the princess, Hody attacks them with Yabusame, noticing they won’t help it slow down. She goes through the entrance and then swims out into the ocean. Decken wonders if the princess will die from blood loss or being smashed by the Noah as he gives her one last chance to marry him. After Shirahoshi rejects, he tries to throw knives at her, but Ryuboshi and Manboshi save their sister. Ryuboshi tells her the Noah is an important ship and that it shouldn’t be damaged while Manboshi tells her to swim upwards. Later on, Hody stabs Decken.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 638)

Episode 560

  • Short summary: After Hody tricks Decken to have his own small axe kill him, he also promises him he’ll kill Shirahoshi. Hody catches up to her, despite merfolk being the faster swimmers of the world and grabs hold of her until Luffy attacks him. Later on, Hody tells Luffy he has no chance of winning, until Luffy mentions he will protect everyone.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 639)