Episode 561

  • Short summary: While Shirahoshi keeps on swimming upwards, her brothers and Luffy realize that Hody was trying to wait off until Decken is dead so that his powers are gone and Fishman Island gets destroyed. With some interference from Hody and the princess being far away from them, Manboshi tells her to swim to the side. Hody tries to interfere, but gets caught up with the others underwater. However, Decken dies in the nick of time and the Noah starts to fall.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 640)

Episode 562

  • Short summary: After noticing the Noah falling, Shirahoshi tries to call on Decken to see if he’s only unconscious. Hody tries to punch her, but Manboshi acts as a shield for her. While Luffy fights Hody, Fukaboshi tells his sister to be Luffy, being near the Noah while he takes care of Hody as he throws Straw Hat to the giant mermaid. After Fukaboshi asks Hody about his hatred of humans that causes him to kill his own kind (even his friends), Shirahoshi is in shocked when her brother gets stabbed twice as she starts swimming closely to the Noah. Luffy is reminded of the plan and was later told through Transponder Snail that they’ll envelope the Noah in a giant bubble. Hody tries to attack, but Luffy deflects. Hody then takes some more Energy Steroids. Fukaboshi tells Luffy and Shirahoshi that he understands Hody’s hatred.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 641)

Episode 563

  • Short summary: While Fukaboshi explains that Hody and the other New Fishman Pirates are monsters with a complete grudge against humans and that there’s no personal experience behind their hatred, Shirahoshi tries to swim away from Hody.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 643)

Episode 564

  • Short summary: Shirahoshi notes how terrifying Hody is as she swims away from him. She and Luffy hear Fukaboshi’s report about being too late to solving the Fishman District’s hatred of humans, which killed their mother. He asks Luffy to bring a new beginning by destroying the ghosts from the past. Luffy tells him his crew and him will take care of the situation. With Hody being close to the duo, Luffy decides to fight him while telling the princess to stay close to him.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 644)

Episode 565

  • Short summary: Shirahoshi watches Luffy fight Hody. After knocking down the fishman with Red Hawk, Luffy has Shirahoshi swim to the Noah, stating the fight isn’t over yet.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 644 & 645)