Episode 566

  • Short summary: Shirahoshi watches the fight between Luffy and Hody and is worried about Luffy. When Hody was about to use Fishman Jiu-Jitsu Water Heart Shark Pack, Luffy tells Shirahoshi to move away from the fight, which a few attacked him toward the ship. Shirahoshi got worried until Luffy used Gear Third: Elephant Gun to defeat Hody.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 645)

Episode 567

  • Short summary: As Luffy tries to destroy the Noah to prevent it from falling, Shirahoshi is worried about his wounds. Luffy kept on going until Shirahoshi told him the Noah stopped falling by the Sea Kings. Luffy lets go of the Noah, causing Shirahoshi to swim to him as the Sea Kings thank the princess for calling them so they could save the Noah. They also comment on how they were summoned by her strong emotions to help Luffy. The guards say how Fishman Island has been saved as Luffy lands on the Noah.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 647)

Episode 568

  • Short summary: The Sea Kings tell Shirahoshi that they were waiting for her to be born so they could pull the Noah (hence why its very large in size), even mentioning that she’s their queen. The Sea Kings also tell her to save Luffy since the air bubble in the Noah is moving towards Fishman Island and that humans cannot survive in the water for very long. She swims to Fishman Island, asking for help in concern of Luffy while she carries him on her hands. Chopper states that he could stop the bleeding, but he lost a lot of blood and needs type F (B) blood. Shirahoshi wants to transfer blood, but she is not the right blood type. Jinbe decides to offer blood since he’s a pirate in a land where fishmen and merfolk aren’t allowed to transfer blood with humans. Luffy fully recovers and asks Jinbe to join his crew.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 648)

Episode 569

  • Short summary: Shirahoshi follows the Straw Hats as she wonders why they suddenly left the plaza. Zoro replies that if they did stay, they would possibly be thought as heroes. He even exemplifies by stating heroes divide and share booze while he wants all of it (much like Luffy stated about meat). Shirahoshi was surprised that they were leaving so soon and that she wanted to spend more time with them. A soldier from the Neptune Army catches up with the Straw Hats as Neptune calls from a Transponder Snail to invite them for a feast. They join a feast where a concert was shown with booze given to everyone. Neptune privately talks with Robin about Joyboy apologizing to the Mermaid Princess of the Void Century who had the powers to speak with Sea Kings. Robin also recollects of a Ponelygph she read on Skypeia of an ancient weapon being in Fishman Island and that Shirahoshi also holds the title of Poseidon.

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 649)

Episode 570

  • Short summary: Neptune informs Robin that during ancient times, there were three ancient weapons with Poseidon being one of them. They both fear of word getting out of Shirahoshi’s powers as the government or pirates would hunt her, only for Caribou to eavesdrop in the conversation. She later finds him starting to kidnap her in her own room. Luffy finds out and kicks him out, causing Shirahoshi to have hold of her savior for relief (making Sanji jealous).

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Manga counterpart (Chapter 650)