Estaturas 04 Estándar a

Size difference between the lowest standard giantess (20 meters) and the highest (40 meters). It is used Wikyodai-chan, the Urban 1042 double cabin, a adult brachiosaurus (whose average height is around 9 meters), the Kukulkán's Temple (24 meters high and 55.3 meters measures the edge of its base) and the Great Sphinx of Giza (21 meters high and 57 meters long).

It is considered a standard giantess to the woman whose size oscillates between the 20 meters to the 40 meters.

The term "standard" is because it is the most used (and wanted) size by most artists (who are mostly fetishists) of the GTS community. This size, according to many, is the most optimal for interaction with normal-sized humans.