Chilean Loquender and amateur illustrator.

He is a good friend of Koreno Panzer, and he is also one of the administrators of the wiki.

Autobiography: Why does StevenMegaSandwich like giantesses?

Good question, now I explain my fascination for giantesses.

Amyzahn by antoniorenteria

Amy Zahn.

My fascination with the giantesses comes when I was a little boy, I remember that there were things that influenced me in the subject of like the giantesses, for example the first thing I saw referring to giant women, was a chapter of the Super Friends (where appears Amy Zahn).

I was fascinated by the idea of a giant woman attacking cities, causing destruction and so on, I found it nice to complete the majestic giantesses, as powerful as they are, as a child I loved the idea of evil giantesses causing destruction in their path , I also began to have fascination for the footsteps they do, however, not all my fascination was destruction.

Pokémon - EP22 (24)

Pokémon - EP0022.

Also as a child, another time I remembered is the Pokémon chapter where Sabrina appears, I really liked the idea of the interaction between a "giant" Sabrina (actually she is a para-giantess) with Ash and his friends reduced, also, as in that chapter Sabrina wanted to play with little Ash and his friends turned into dolls, I began gradually to fascinate as a child the idea of playful giantesses, to catch me and play with me, sometimes I dreamed that Sabrina captured me but I was loving with me, hugging and playing friendly.

In my imagination as I grew up, the idea of loving giantesses wanting to play with small men developed in my mind.

Another series that increased my taste for gigantas was Sakura Card Captors. I liked it a lot when Sakura used "The Big" card (I was in love with Sakura), I found Sakura very cute and adorable, that combination of size and "beauty" increased my taste for the giantesses.

Even when Sakura imagined in her mind "being a giantess" and crushing her brother, I imagined Sakura would become giantess with "The Big" card, but to play with me, hug me, kiss me and consent to me, hahaha :3

Leaving aside the cloying, then I met YouTube (with videos of gigantas), deviantART and the GTS community, in my adolescence increased my taste for giant women, so I entered the curiosity to learn more about the subject, and well, that's my story of why I like gigantas. :)


As JVARTISTA/UltraRetroLoquendero


Farivas commenting on his deviantart account, curiously claims to have been loquendero.

This user was characterized, more for being a amateur macrophile illustrator, a user of youtube that was famous which made videos with Loquendo, mainly on caricatures, instead of having an version OC of himself, used of cat avatar Tom from Tom and Jerry.

He got to have some interactions with "famous" artists of the GTS community like Farivas (not so famous, barely known among some groups of Hispanics) and JoeTheVenezuelan (he is something famous).

His account is currently disabled, but Wayback Machine (the "Internet time machine") saved a catch:

His videos on YouTube

Unlike other users of the GTS community, this user made videos loquendo, mainly related to the theme of the animation.

According to him, one of his inspirations was Caricatuneitor (one of the first defenders of the caricatures on youtube), Doomentio (currently Perezoso Doom), and Doompcast.

In his active time, he came to touch very curious subjects, like the history of Tex Avery, a retrospective of the study of animation MGM, the cartoons made in World War II, and a documentary of 2 parts talking about the Censored Eleven, 11 short Of Looney Tunes who were censored in the mid-1960s for racist reasons.

Artistic style

His drawings were of a rather simple traditional drawing style, apart from drawings of gigantas, he even created some drawings about cartoons, for example, cartoon fanarts like Wander Over Yonder.


Retreat from deviantART and YouTube (as JVARTISTA/UltraRetroLoquendero)

JVARTISTA was known for being a very sensitive user, especially for being an Asperger, this led to some conflicts with other users, for example, when everyone started to criticize it for the critical fail that he did to a troll called Powerrangermexican, together with other users like SuperWarioman100, and a zoophilic Spanish animal lover licking his paw called Farlavor2 (watch video).

After apologizing, in 2014 he had a big problem that caused him to close his account, he had given the password of his YouTube account to his best friend Anyelik, which hurt him when he was doing a loquender tournament.

Several videos about his retirement, from users who missed him, are on YouTube, next to the farewell video of Retro (using his real voice and being very sad). Watch video.

Currently, Retro gave his account to user Ken L Wright.

The return as StevenMegaSandwich

JVARTISTA (UltraRetroLoquendero) announced his return, this user revealed through a hangout that all this time was StevenMegaSandwich (one of the editors of this wiki), compared to his first account, uses Steven from Steven Universe (watch video).

He continues to make videos loquendo of animation, and others, as for deviantART, uploaded new drawings where he still uses a similar drawing style (claims to wish to improve).

The hangout where UltraRetroLoquendero is confirmed can be seen here.

He has also uploaded new drawings, it is seen that apart from interesting the subject of gigantas, he likes art related to the competitive Super Smash Bros.

Role as wiki admin

After gaining the trust of PaladinDeGigantas and contributing on the wiki with some (high quality) articles, Steven became part of the administrators of the wiki, along with Koreno Panzer and the founder.


  • Claims to have Asperger Syndrome from his official
  • One of her friends, Anyelik, was constantly drawn as a giantess Gardevoir.
  • He likes animation in general in an obsessive way, which is normal in an aspie.
  • He claims to be a big fan of the Super Smash Bros, mainly Melee (he already has 2 drawings on the subject), being among the few macrophiles with a fondness for the eSports world, he even created a group of fans of the competitive Smash, And a video talking about the Tier List (watch video):
  • For a long time he tried to hide his true identity from UltraRetroLoquendero.
  • He claims to be in love with Leni Loud (character of The Loud House), this is backed by the gift drawing made by his friend, Koreno Panzer.