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Tributo a Berserk

A giant succubus devouring people. Illustration by Karbo.

A succubus, in European mythology, is a female-looking demon whose main objective is to have sex with men while they sleep.

Her apsect is usually that of a beautiful naked or semi-naked woman with demonic wings. They may also have other demonic features such as horns, tail with tip ends in triangle, snake eyes, fangs, snakes coiled to your body, etc.

The most widespread mythical version is that succubi attack their victims to absorb the blood or vital energy of the male and thus feed.

Inside the GTS community

Naturally, the succubi are represented as indicated above, but with greater size.

It is said that it was Karbo who popularized the succubi, but adding the idea that they feed by devouring the males directly.


Catherine (Portadas)

Catherine is the blonde girl on the left. Here she is shown as a relative giantess.

  • The PS3 and Xbox360 video game called "Catherine", the protagonist is seduced by a blue-eyed blonde succubus named Catherine.