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This article contains some content involving a mature subject or situation and may not be suitable for younger readers. Reader discretion is advised.

Artist of the European GTS community (she is of German nationality).

Her alias "Sugarnhoney" is an English word game of "sugar and honey".

Artistic style

Love grows hug by commodoredave-d9v13lc

Fanart with a giantess of the series Dofus (Gulivette).

She is mainly based on animé style, in a traditional way, for other drawings (like the ones that are not of gigantas), uses a cartoon style.

Apart from making drawings about GTS theme, she draws things she likes like either anime, you can see her fanarts series like Sailor Moon.

Sugarnhoney is a very careful artist with her drawings, has a good anatomy with her characters, vivid colors to give her more quality to her art, good outline, and especially stands out for drawing well, compared to other macrophile artists, she does not know focuses as much on perspectives or interaction with objects as buildings (as when the giants do destruction), she claims not to be very good at drawing objects or structures. I.e., she prefers para-giantesses.

Even so, many people have appreciation for their way of drawing gigantas.

Hitomi and Alex: the cat and the mouse

Similar to chibiBiscuit, Sugarnhoney is known in the GTS community for drawing pictures of a (giantess fetishist) couple, composed of a cat (represented as a para-giantess neko girl) and a mouse.

Her two OCs are Hitomi (playing the giantess), an affectionate neko girl with brown hair and blue eyes, and a little mouse boy named Alex, who is in love with Hitomi, and meets her when she gets lost in a train.

Her drawings usually involve them in affectionate situations.