Estaturas 05 Súper

Size difference between the lowest super-giantess (120 meters) and the highest (1000 meters). It is used Wikyodai-chan and the tallest buildings in the world during 2010.

It is considered a super-giantess (or uber-giantess) to the woman whose size oscillates between the 120 meters to the 1000 meters (1 kilomenter).

It is the "previous link" to the famous mega-GTS, which are well-known for their destructiveness and their null interaction with normal-sized humans (so it is not surprising that from this size the cliché of the unaware).

The super-GTS are characterized by being of a height similar to the great skyscrapers (as can be seen in the image).

From this range of sizes, interaction with normal-sized humans is virtually impossible.