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A famous video game saga by Nintendo, which is a crossover game of fighting with famous personages of the company like Mario, Link, Pikachu, among others (although in the last deliveries added personages of other companies, like Sonic of Sega and Mega Man of Capcom).

Game system

Super Smash Bros Brawl menus item icons

The items are an essential element of the game, 2 of them can alter the size of the characters.

Unlike other fighting games, Smash Bros uses another game system, fights are based on accumulating damage by means of a percentage meter, the higher this meter is, the more likely it is that the character in question will fly, the Objective in each game is to remove the opponent when he increases his/her percentage of damage.

It should be noted that the game uses objects in combat, which can have various uses, or effects on the characters, one of these affects the size of the characters.

How to play with giantesses in the game

From Melee, the second installment of the game, appears an item called Super Mushroom, this item causes that the person in question becomes temporarily giant, becoming stronger and heavy, this item can be used by the female characters to become huge, from Melee, in the special modes of a player, you can also choose the "Giant Melee" mode, to play with giant characters.

Giantesses in single player modes


Ejemplo de una batalla gigante en Brawl, esta vez con una Samus gigante a vencer.

Giants can also occasionally appear in single-player modes, for example in the classic Smash Bros mode, where you fight random opponents until you reach the final boss, Master Hand, sometimes you have to face giant opponents Randomly, from Brawl, among the giant opponents you must face, Peach, or Samus, may appear in Melee, in fact, there is an event called "Girl Power", belonging to the game mode "Event Match" where you must Defeating Peach, Zelda and Samus, being reduced, the classic mode with giant characters is also present in SSB4, similar to the other games, sometimes you have to fight with giant opponents. Watch video

"Giantesses" available in the game

Below is a list of the playable female characters in the game, all of which can become giants through Super Mushroom, or appear as giant girls to beat in classic mode.

Image Name Description
Peach SSBM

Peach on Melee.

Peach The princess of the games of Mario Bros, appears from Melee, something curious, is that in her franchise where she appears, she can become giantess like other characters Mario average, thanks to the use of mushrooms (watch video). Ironically, in her original game (Super mario Bros. saga) she is a damsel in distress, and she never uses this to defend herself against the villain who always kidnaps her, Bowser.

Zelda with her alter ego.

Zelda/Sheik Princess of the video games of The Legend Of Zelda, appears from Melee. She is able to transform into an alter ego called Sheik, who appears in the Zelda game "Ocarina Of Time" for the Nintendo 64.
Samus Zero SSBB

Zero Suit Samus, it's basically Samus without her armor.

Samus A bounty hunter, protagonist of the video games of the Metroid franchise. She appears as playable from the first video game of Smash Bros, however, from Brawl, she can be playable without her armor, when she fights without armor, she uses her Zero suit.
Jigglypuff Palette (SSBM)

Jigglypuff with his "alternative costumes", curiously, the Green Ribbon Jigglypuff, is popularly known as the Jigglypuff of Hungrybox.

Jigglypuff A normal-type/fairy balloon pokémon, appears as playable since Smash Bros 64. Its genre is not completely specified, like Gardevoir, in the game where it comes, it can be male, however, it is managed to assume that the Jigglypuff of Smash Bros is female, since in its alternative colors, it is seen that it uses women's clothes, like bows, flowers, feminine hats, a crown of princess, among others, in addition, in the videogames of Pokémon, Jigglypuff like species can be female in a ratio of 75%, and much of the fanbase, refer to Jigglypuff as "she".
Uprising lady palutena e3 2011 press kit
Palutena A character who is an authentic "goddess", coming from Kid Icarus. She appears from Brawl, however, in Smash Bros 4, is when it appears as playable.
Nana 01 595
Iceclimbers 070914d-l

Nana (pink) next to Popo (blue).

A girl in an Eskimo outfit, is a companion of Popo, both make up a duet of characters known as the "Ice Climbers", both characters come from the classics of the NES console. In the game you control both appear from Melee.

Lucina SSB4

From such a stick to a splinter: Lucina and Marth look alike in appearance and moveset.

A girl swordsman, coming from the Fire Emblem franchise, is descended from Prince Marth, and appears from SSB4. Unlike the other fighters, she is a clone like Roy, Ganondorf and other characters, which means that it has movements identical to those of a specific character, in this case, Marth.

Wii Fit Trainer Female character that is dedicated to exercise, and comes from a Wii video game, made for the exercises. Appeared from SSB4.
Robin (woman) Version gender bender of Robin, who is a sorcerer. It comes from the Fire Emblem franchise, and appeared from SSB4.
Mii gunner
Mii Fighter From Smash Bros 4, you can play with Miis, who are customizable characters, are avatars that can represent a person. With the correct personalization, it can be female.
Bayonetta One of the two characters "DLC" SSB4, is obtained by pay, comes from the franchise of the same name, and is a witch.
Corrin (woman) The other character "DLC" of SSB4, that is obtained by means of payment. It is a genderbender version of Corrin, a character who is a swordsman with the ability to become a dragon. It comes from the Fire Emblem franchise.
Female villager Villager's gender bender version, comes from the game Animal Crossing, and appears as playable from SSB4.
Wendy One of the Koopalings, a group of Koopas serving King Bowser, of the Mario franchise. She is one of 9 Koopas available to fly the clown ship. Appears from SSB4.
Rosalina Princess of the Mario videogames that made her debut in Super Mario Galaxy. It is accompanied by a star, called Luma. Appears from SSB4.
Inkling (girl) A type of species that can fire ink and become a kid or squid. She is playable in SSU.

Get giantesses through codes

Finally, in terms of codes, in Melee there is the debug menu, a special menu that is accessed by means of action replay, with it you can have access to the internal data of the game, play in any scenario with any character, among others.

An option that gives in debug menu in the VS MODE, is the option SCALE SELECT, with this you can alter the size of the characters, to become small, or giants, as any character can be used, you can configure a game to play with giantess Peach, or even Zelda or Samus. Watch video

With Brawl, you can use codes to use giant characters, a useful method for this is to use Wii Gecko Codes, and use some code to alter items, such as the Mushroom Stacker to grow infinitely with mushrooms. Watch video



Jigglypuff Trophy in Brawl.

  • Although they appear giants in the current games, the first character to appear as giant in canonical form, is Donkey Kong in Smash Bros 64. Watch video.
  • Jigglypuff is the only female character in the game, whose smash ending renders her giant temporarily (watch video), in fact, there is a glitch that lets you use giant Jigglypuff in Brawl, on the bridge of one of the scenarios of the game, using her final smash (watch video).
  • Some playable characters are really very high, for example, as data according to Nintendo, Samus measures 1.9 meters, being quite high, and in the case of Rosalina, as official data, she is higher than Peach (which in herself is already High, measuring about 1.8 meters), and is almost as big as other "huge" Nintendo characters like Bowser, measuring more than 2 meters (her height is estimated to be 2.2 meters):
  • In the final smash of Pit on Brawl, Palutena appears as a giantess behind the stage, invoking an army (obviously because she is a goddess). Watch video.
  • Olimar, a Pikmin character who is playable in this game, actually measures 1.9 centimeters (0.75 inches), if the characters were real size literally in Smash Bros games, Olimar could interact with para-giantesses, being a small man, the same would apply in the case of Kirby, which actually measures 8 inches (20 centimeters).
  • A theory of this franchise, explains that the characters of Nintendo in the game, are actually toys that come to life thanks to the "imagination" of a child, hence end up fighting with the "giant hand" of the child (represented as Master Hand), and each end of the adventure, complete with the characters in the child's room (64 and Melee) this theory is backed up with the first intro of Smash Bros (watch video) and by Satoru Iwata himself before dying: [http: / here]. If the theory is true, it means that there is an "interaction" between a child with reduced Nintendo characters coming to life (and perhaps it could be assumed that the child is a girl, because it is not completely specified).