Mexican illustrator residing in the United States.

She is well known in the GTS community, being friends with other famous users of the medium like JoeTheVenezuelan, has a lot of drawings, the most famous are in which appears the character Riho Futaba.

Apart from the theme of gigantas in her drawings, there is also vore, and occasionally some humor, with hidden easter eggs.

Artistic style

Her artistic style is mainly based on manga/animé style, her drawings usually have an acceptable quality, with correct use of colors, and perspectives in the images of gigantas with an impressive POV, she as an artist, has been improving remarkably with the time.

Both the quality of drawing of their characters, and the stage, is outstanding among the artists of the GTS community.

A curious thing is that Jenny is one of the few artists who make visual jokes in her drawings, many of her drawings often have "easter eggs" (hidden jokes) that usually go unnoticed by people who do not take the details into account.



This is one of the few cases where an artist from the GTS community is not heterosexual.

  • She is lesbian (She confirmed it herself).
  • She is very sociable and friendly.
  • Occasionally she roleplays in comments.
  • Apart from the giantess fetishism, she really likes anime, cartoons, video games and so on, in her favorite list he has many images that are foreign to the giantess fetishism.
  • Unlike other artists in the GTS community, she does not request, she only dedicates drawings to her friends.

Riho Futaba: Star character of her drawings

The personage that often appears in her drawings, is Riho Futaba, a model girl who is dressed in a blue bikini and sandals.

Unlike what it seems, Riho Futaba is not her OC, it is a fictional giantess of a video game known among the GTS community called Demolition Girl (The Daibijin in Japanese, meaning, The Huge Beautiful), in this game, a model girl becomes giantess after having contact with an extraterrestrial jellyfish.

She often appears in many of her drawings, destroying cities and so on.

Gallery of digital drawings

CGI art gallery

In addition to creating drawings digitally, she has also created some CGI art, she is still experiencing it, she uses ZBrush for these images.