"There is a huge playground between reality and fiction. If you take a peek into the gap between reality and miniature, a mysterious world opens up before you."
―Yoshinobu Kimura[[Source]]

This image became viral on the Internet in the year 2005. Many people believed that this was true ...


... but it was actually a Tamaki's montage.

Tamaki is a photographer who uses the Tilt Shift effect to make its realistic effects of giantesses in cities.

He is one of the oldest members of the GTS community, since he started in 2003, and in 2005 (possibly) performed the great joke of the Akihabara's Giant Loli.

Currently continues to create images that involve the theme of gigantas.

Self Description

Officially in Otaku Mode, Tamaki is described like this:

My motivation was to express the images in my head in the form of pictures. From around 2000, I started making simple composite images on the computer.

For my models, I use all sorts of things including dolls, monsters, military, and bishoujo figures. When I can't shoot the scenery I want, I either piece it together from other pictures or, in the case of hard to shoot pictures such as mountains at daybreak or snow-covered mountains, I use 3D CGI, which further expands the range of my work.

Also, I was deeply impressed by miniature pictures taken with a Tilt Shift lens, so I devised a way to manipulate photos to look miniature-like using Photoshop. I can say I devised it, but maybe it was just too bothersome for others to use. To this miniature-like world, I add a figure, which is already miniature. This creates a mysterious photo where it's hard to tell whether it's real or fake. That is what I enjoy so much, and I would also like the people who look at my photos to enjoy it as well.

Viral deception: Akihabara's Giant Loli

In 2004, Tamaki had made a photomontage using a figurine of a loli and a photograph of a street in Japan. In fact he made 3 montages using the same loli, making him believe the people that that controversial sculpture had in Japan. Very few knew this was just a joke.

Gallery (only GTS)

NOTE: It was very difficult to find his works, so thank you that we have been able to collect this.

Tilt Shift: What is his trick?

Tamaki exposes his trick in this video:

Miniature World Manipulation attack on girls

Miniature World Manipulation attack on girls

From which the following images are obtained


  • In his gallery in Otaku Mode, Tamaki uses the word "giantess" as a key word, implying that he (most likely) is involved in the GTS community (and similar).