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Teen Titans (3)

Graphic summary of the first half.

Teen Titans (88)

Graphic summary of the second half.

Teen Titans (44)

The power of Rita Farr.

Teen Titans (45)

Neither the tanks with laser weapons can make her a scratch.

Teen Titans is a series based on the comic book series of DC Comics with the same name, was animated by the studies of Warner Bros.

It consists of the adventures of 5 adolescent superheroes, who fight against the forces of evil and crime:

  • Robin (disciple of Batman; group leader),
  • Beast Boy,
  • Cyborg,
  • Starfire and
  • Raven.

Summary (with spoilers)

Part 1

Teen Titans (8)

Rita Farr during the mission that will be a failure due to the disobedience of Beast Boy.

At the beginning of the episode, you show Beast Boy along with the other members of Doom Patrol (Mento, Negative Man, Robot Man and Rita Farr) during a mission to destroy a Evil Brotherhood's machine.

There comes a time where the situation is critical, where members of Doom Patrol (not including Beast Boy) are trapped by a kind of energy field. Beast Boy, being free, must make a decision:

  • Or he saves the lives of his friends, but the mission fails.
  • Or he fulfills the mission, but his friends die.

Mento, leader of the group, orders him to fulfill the mission, regardless of the life of the rest of the team. Beast finally makes the decision to save the lives of his friends (disobeys Mento) and fails the mission.

After it, Beast Boy is expelled from Doom Patrol for disobedient.

Teen Titans (17)

Rita Farr facing the bad guys with her great strength.

Teen Titans (12)

Rita Farr captured.

Some time later, they show us Beast Boy having fun with his new team: Teen Titans. Suddenly, a spherical robot enters the base (the "T" Tower), giving the news that Doom Patrol has been captured and need the help of Beast Boy.

Beast Boy and his friends go to help, and, after a long adventure, find the members of Doom Patrol captured by Evil Brotherhood. These are released and, along with Titan Teens, join forces to fight the villains.

However, the heroes are trapped by an energy field (with the exception of Beast Boy), which again decides to save their friends instead of completing the mission.

The Brotherhood of Evil manages to flee, and after this outcome, we can appreciate the following:

Part 2

Teen Titans (26)

There is an elastic woman, but she can not grow (apparently).

Teen Titans (25)

Members of Evil Brotherhood.

The episode begins by introducing us to the members of the Evil Brotherhood, from Doom Patrol's point of view.

The heroes are camping, and it's time for Beast Boy to decide whether to go with Doom Patrol or not. He finally decides to go, and this time without the company of Titan Teens and now he will not disobey. Beast Boy equips his old mask.

Doom Patrol embarks on a long walk to its destination:

  • First they go through a jungle, where they face a very powerful robot, but to be able to flee from that danger they must leave Robot Man behind.
  • Then they pass through a sand desert, where they face several tanks. In the first instance they must leave Negative Man behind, then they must leave behind Rita Farr, who is "crushed" by a huge rock.
Teen Titans (60)

Mento forcing Beast Boy not to give up.

Teen Titans (61)

Mento destroys the communicator with his psychic powers.

Beast Boy despairs and tries to call the Teen Titans, but Mento destroys his communicator, forcing him to complete the mission and not to disobey.

When they arrive at the enemy base, Mento and Beast Boy manage to face their opponents efficiently, but in the end they are captured. However, the Titan Teens and the other mates of Doom Patrol arrive at the most opportune moment.

Beast Boy this time manages to fulfill the mission, but disobeyed the orders. Doom Patrol finely congratulates Beast Boy for his heroic deeds.

On the other hand, the Evil Brotherhood one manages to reunite to the old enemies of Teen Titans:



  • There was a part in which it seemed that Rita Farr had died crushed by a rock, which was not so. However in an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Rita Farr does die, along with the other members of Doom Patrol.



If you were a superhero (as Beast Boy) and had to choose between saving your friends (they are also superheroes) and fulfill the mission: which option would you choose?

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