Estaturas 09 Tera

Size difference between the lowest tera-giantess (105 meters) and the highest (106 meters). It's used Wikyodai-chan and a map of mainland Spain. There is also Mount Everest (8848 meters high), with the aim of demonstrating how immense these women are.

It is considered a tera-giantess to the woman whose size oscillates between the 105 meters (100 kilometers) to the 106 meters (1000 kilometers).

They can cover whole cities with their body, in fact, they could bed down down on Mexico or the United States and to cover part of those countries. Due to the almost inevitable cliché of invulnerability, these giantesses reach the thermosphere (an area where it is impossible to breathe) and lives are maintained. This size allows them to walk across countries to cross continents.

They can be seen from space with some ease.

Comparison with the Earth

Estaturas 09 Tera Tierra

A comparison of the size of the lowest tera-giantess (105 meters) and the highest (106 meters) using a NASA photo of planet Earth. It is worth noting that the Earth is 12742 km in diameter. The image is of high resolution.


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