It is a parodic ecchi comedy series about Ultraman which is about 3 high school students who must defeat the giant monster turn becoming giantesses super-heroines.


UG 04 (2)

UFO-Man: a hero that protect the people against giant monsters.

UG 01 (7)

The day that change the destiny of UFO-man and the 3 students.

UG 03 (36)

Definition of M.O.E.

In Tokyo, strictly every monday a giant monster apears to attack the city (or nearby). Every time it appears, also a giant humanoid called UFO-Man superhero appears mysteriously.

One day, as always, a monster in the shape of a T-Rex appears. However, 3 high school students are close to the event, to see close fight between UFO-Man and his opponent. UFO-Man appears, but above the students, and the steps unintentionally. Because UFO-Man is a hero who protects humans (despite being an alien), it will not allow 3 students die, so offers revive in exchange for them to take the role of giant heroines. UFO-Man shrinks behind it.

From now on, these 3 students must fight against the monster that appears and use the power of M.O.E. (It is a kind of energy that is released after feeling shame).


Featured giantesses

Image Name Description
UG 01 (10)
Koharuno Silk Main protagonist of the serie. She represents the average girl among the adult voluptuous and lolita. She is a mixed between races white nordid and mongoloid (or at least that's what it represents).
UG 01 (11)
Ohtori Vivienne Co-protagonist of the serie. She represents the voluptuous adult (physically and psychologically). She is of white nordid race.
UG 01 (12)
Moroboshi Tsubomi Co-protagonist of the serie. She represents the lolita (teen with childish look and mentality). She is of race mongoloid.


Image Name Description
UG 01 (8)
UFO-Man Giant superhero who saves the city defeating the giant villain of the moment that appears strictly every Monday. After an accident, he decides to sacrifice his powers to save the 3 girls anterioemente mentioned. Although have a humanoid look, is an alien.
UG 10 (54)
Moroboshi Makoto The handsome guy who works as a reporter taking pictures of the fights between giants. Koharuno Silk is in love with him. is mongoloid race as her younger sister Moroboshi Tsubomi
UG 12 (32)
Okamura Yosaku "Expert" periodist in UFO-man. Is an old pervert, and proves it every time he speaks about the Ultimate Girls.
UG 09 (21)
Koharuno Mayu She is the big sister of Koharuno Silk, and is the reporter that accompanying Okamura Yosaku.


# Name Synopsis Representative image (graphic summary)
1 Operation Ultimate 1 The protagonists know UFO-Man and he grants them his powers to save them. Koharuno Silk must defeat the monster of turn, which is a dinosaur with phallic references.
UG 01 (17)
2 Sparkly! The Three Sisters Ultimate The new villain in turn, a "train man", attacks the city and Moroboshi Tsubomi volunteers to face him. However, she fails.
UG 02 (54)
3 When UG dies! Tokyo collapses! Continue the battle against the monster of the previous episode:
  • It begins the turn of Ohtori Vivienne, who fights with efficiency and intelligence, by what it manages to weaken it.
  • It ends with the turn of Koharuno Silk, that nothing else must destroy the "weak point" of the monster to defeat it definitively.
UG 03 (2)
4 Hey! He's eating Tsubomi! This time, a monster has the medicine theme. Moroboshi Tsubomi decides to face him to prove that she is worth as heroine, although UFO-Man considers her "weak."
UG 04 (31)
5 From Akiba with love The protagonists get a part time job in Akihabara in an "otaku coffee", where they must dress as anime characters (cosplay). This episode is full of references to otaku culture, even the monster of this episode is a magazine editor for geeks.
UG 05 (76)
6 Silk despairs The protagonists visit the beach, but do not know that it is a trap to discover the secret identity of the Ultimate Girls. An octopus-shaped monster appears, and Koharuno Silk confronts him, gaining him quickly and without any damage. In the end, no one can discover the identity of the heroines.
UG 06 (14)
7 To the west, Ultimate Girls A monster in the shape of a metronome interrupts the school trip of the heroines, so Koharuno Silk confronts him. In spite of the inefficient performance of the heroine, she finally manages to defeat him.
UG 07 (28)
8 Kyoto, there we go Although in the previous episode Koharuno Silk could not go to his excursion, Makoto took it to her in his motorcycle. Already at her destination and after taking a bath in hot springs, the heroines are going to have fun in Kyoto. But there appears a giant Buddha that should not be (is the monster of turn), so Moroboshi Tsubomi faces him. In the end, the giant Buddha flees.
UG 08 (18)
9 Vivienne dies at sunset While the protagonists are visiting Kobe, suddenly returns the same monster of the previous episode. Ohtori Vivienne, despite not feeling well, decides to fight. At first, the monster could not resist the attacks of the heroine, but after transforming into an image of the god Asura (golden), his strength increases and manages to dominate the heroine. Ohtori Vivienne maximizes his M.O.E. After feeling shame because Koharuno Silk (the girl that she is in love with), is looking at her from afar. Finally, the monster is defeated.
UG 09 (29)
10 It's the Ultimate Girls! Feel the MOE! The heroines go to a Christmas party, Koharuno Silk gives a gift to Makoto, but the latter unexpectedly mentions that she is going to the United States (that depresses her). To encourage her, her friends take her to a Comiket. Suddenly a monster with an erotic sleeve appears on the chest. Koharuno Silk confronts him and, despite being discouraged, she finally wins.
UG 10 (35)
11 Hentai The heroines go to a comiket where it will talk about the Ultimate Girls, but unexpectedly a semi-liquid green mass causes Makoto to become the giant monster of turn, which proved to be more powerful than normal. Moroboshi Tsubomi loses fast, moreover, Ohtori Vivienne is not equated with strength.
UG 11 (Fanservice)
12 Good bye, Ultimate Girl The monster of the previous episode defeated Moroboshi Tsubomi and Ohtori Vivienne. But to win, Koharuno Silk must sacrifice her life, but in the end, the matter is resolved satisfactorily.
UG 12 (74)



  • This animé resorts to almost all the clichés of animé ecchi, at least those that were in its time (year 2005).
  • This is an anime of the "moe" type (which means fetish in Japanese). And the energy used by heroines after shame is called M.O.E.
  • UFO-Man is directly inspired by Ultraman.
    • In fact, there are some implicit Ultraman mentions in the series.
    • And the word Ultimate is an allusion to the word Ultra.
  • It is noticeable that almost no member of the GTS community participated in the creation of this series, or if there were, but its influence was minimal. This is evident in episodes 10 and 11.